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Advantages of Joining Genealogy Groups

One thing we are all interested in is free genealogy resources. What better resource than pooling say, one hundred people from different areas of the world, different skills, backgrounds, access to different resources, all with one common goal, to discover as much as they can about your ancestors? Where else will you find out where they came from, were they settled, their reason for coming, when they were born, married, died, often with photographs and images of documents for sources at no cost? By becoming a member of a Genealogy group. You get this and much more. You heard the cliche that “two heads are better than one”, well, in researching your family history, the more the merrier.

Descendant Chronicles
is one of the busiest groups on the net. With multiple postings daily, it is a great all around genealogy group.It has multiple message forums from regional , surname , history, tips and helps, to more specialized boards such as American Indians, Quakers, Wars, Obit & Wills, Brick Walls, Look-ups. We are serious about our genealogy research, but we like to take a break, chat, talk about current events, weather and our other interests too. We like to share ghost stories and family legends.

Descendant Chronicles has been around for years as Ancestor Chronicles – Our Kin and Their Times, an MSN Group, but, with the closing of MSN Groups this month, we moved over to Yuku in November and lost a few members that weren’t active in the fall. We have acquired a few new members, but we’re looking to increase our genie pool, so, if you’re looking for a friendly, helpful genealogy group, stop by and check us out.

Seeking Our Twigs is another group I belong to, started by a fellow member and a a longtime manager of Ancestor Chronicles in December, It is a new group, but the membership is growing every week.It is a Yahoo group that covers genealogy in general, as well,


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2 Responses

  1. Becky Jamison says:

    I love your treasure chest of goodies. I had the same idea once but never got it put together. If you created that whole collage, you did an excellent job! I’m glad Thomas MacEntee wrote about your blog in his blog today!

  2. E.Bradt says:

    Thanks, I got it from a genealogy graphics site, I can’t remember which one, off hand. I have a few listed in my links.

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