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Fairbairn Family Reunion – 6 months away

The first Fairbairn Family reunion will be held this August in Amherstburg, Ontario. We are starting to get organized, gathering contact information, updating family information and fund-raising.

We have a Timmy’s challenge between the Ontario host families and the out-of-province host families. Everytime we go to Timmy’s, we set aside the price of a cup of coffee to go into the fund. We will be holding yard sales as soon as weather permits, I think my cousin will have hers earlier, she’s got warmer weather where she’s at in the B.C. interior. I think I will organize a multi-family yard sale, for the long weekend in May. I have to see what the best place will be to hold it, maybe at my brother’s house, he lives on the highway and there’s a lot of traffic.

We are also having a ‘slogan contest’ , we have to think of a family slogan to put on the t-shirts, the winner of the contest will be chosen by another cousin, who is designing the t-shirts, and he/she will get two free large t-shirts.

There will be a hand-painted family crest plaque with the winning slogan on it, to be raffled off. A couple of family members are going to get together and make a baby quilt and a full-sized quilt to be raffled off at the reunion as well, with tickets available soon.

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