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Pierre Tremblay

My immigrant ancestor, Pierre Tremblay, from Ste-Malo-de-Randonnay, Tourouvre, France, was the son of Gilbert Tremblay and Jeanne Coignet.

Pierre Tremblay entered the service of Noel Jurecheau, who was enlisting men to go to New France, signing a three year contract, along with his guardian, Martin Huot, April 9, 1647. He required the permission of his mother to go, as he was 21 and the age of majority at that time in France was 25.
He set sail from France in early June on one of three ships sailing to the New World.

They arrived in Quebec in August, 1647. Pierre decided to stay in New France after his three year contract. After some time, he decided to settle down, but French women were hard to find in New France, so he waited for ships to bring eligible women from France, the “filles du roi”, who were sent by the King along with a small dowry.
In 1657 there were 18 filles du roi sent to Quebec, one was Ozanne Achon, 24, from St. Pierre Avand, LaRochelle, Aunis, France, who was the daughter of Jean Achon and Helene Regnaude.

La Rochelle Harbour

They took a liking to each other, and on October 2, 1657, they were married.

marriage record of Pierre Tremblay and Ozanne Achon, Oct. 2, 1657

Pierre Tremblay was one of the first

colonists in L’Ainge Guardien, P.Q.

Statue of Pierre Tremblay


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  1. Anonymous says:

    My great-grandfather was Pierre Tremblay, boatman at the Ottawa Rowing Club. He was married to Lumina Cousineau. Pierre died in Ottawa around 1956 and Mina died in Ottawa in the early 1970's. Any chance he fits into your branch? I have more details…

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