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Etienne Desbien – Marie Campeau

Etienne Debien is my immigrant ancestor of the Desbiens line, my eighth great-grandfather.

Etienne Debien was born in 1648 in Moulisme, Poitiers, France and came to New France in the 17th century. On Jan. 2, 1691 he married the Montreal-born Marie Campeau, daughter of Etienne Campeau and Catherine Paolo who came from LaRochelle, France. She was the recent widow of Nicholas Pilieur.
Marie Campeau had four children with Nicholas Pilieur: Jean, born in 1686, Nicholas and Marie, born & died in 1687 and Etienne, born in 1690.

Etienne Debien and Marie Campeau had the following children:

Etienne, born in 1691, Francois, born in 1693, Michel, born in 1695, Antoine, born in 1697, Joseph, born in 1699, died in 1722, Marie-Josette, born in 1700, died in 1703, Marie-Anne, born in 1702, died in 1703, and Jean-Baptiste, born in 1704.

Marie Campeau baptism 1665

Etienne Debien – Marie Campeau marriage 1691

Etienne Debien death

After Etienne’s death Marie Campeau remarried to Julien Perusie dit Baguete in 1710.

Marie Campeau death

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Etienne Campeau and Catherine Paolo's son Jacques is my ancestor from that line! It's cool to find connections like this.

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