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Elijah Doane

My sixth great-grandfather, Elijah Doane, was born in Cape Cod, Massechusets, on April 3, 1694, the son of Daniel Doane, Jr. and Mehitabel Twining. His family was the first New England family to go to Pennsylvania in 1695 after getting a certificate of removal from the Middletown Monthly Meeting. His family was the first in the family to leave Cape Cod and the first to forsake the church and join the Society of Friends.
He grew up in Wrightstown, Bucks County and was married to Catherine Wilson on Nov. 4, 1718 out of unity of the Society of Friends. On Nov. 4, 1728, he made an apology to the Society for marrying out of unity and it was accepted.
His death was announced in the Philadelphia Gazette implying that he died quite suddenly while in that city. Widow Catherine appointed administratrix on estate, 1736, 9, 25.

Children, from records of Wrightstown Monthly Meeting :
i Ann,’ b. 1718, 9, 24.
ii Mary, b. 1721, 2,24.
iii Rebecca, b. 1723, 6, 12.
iv Joanna, b. 1725, 3, 8.
93 v Titus, b. 1727, 3, 29.
vi Catherine, b. 1729, 11, 3.

The Doane Family – Descendants of Deacon John Doane by Alfred Alder Doane, 1902


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