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Fahrenheit 451 Not Fiction Anymore

Well, it looks like Big Brother is at it again, saving our children from poisoning their minds by books, not what’s written in them, they couldn’t care less what the book is about, they are more concerned with what it is made of, and the injuries that may result if they are eaten. I could understand if they were concerned with baby books, because these are likely to be in contact with their mouths, but all childrens books, come on! Kids are exposed to more lead out in the playground than they are in the library.

What will the future hold for these young minds, after all, they are the product of their parents, who were allowed to read poison books and play with poison toys, and were so ill-affected by these products that they are normal. What should be considered is the harm that not being exposed to these books will have on our children. A lot of them have life lessons in them, about sharing and caring, and how to get along with others. I think we should encourage them to read more books like these.

How many studies were done beforehand to see if there were any ill effects of handling these books, like they did for eating fish. The government doesn’t regulate what we eat as well as what we are in physical contact with. How about this “read as many new books as you like but those printed before 1985, you have to limit to one or two a month”.

I’m glad that I don’t live in a country that won’t allow a child to read a childrens book, or play with a toy that was passed down from one generation to the next, yet.

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March 2009