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From Randy Seaver’s Genea-Musings

* What was your father’s mother’s maiden name? Desbiens

* What was your father’s mother’s father’s name? Jean (Johnny) (1862-1914)

* What is your father’s mother’s father’s patrilineal line? That is, his father’s father’s father’s … back to the most distant male ancestor in that line?

Celestin Debien – born 1831 La Malbaie, PQ, married Adele Morin July 14, 1851 in Chicoutimi,PQ
Joseph-Marie Debien – born 1801,married Adrienne Dufour, died 1875
Etienne Benjamin Debien – born 1775, Ile-aux-Coudres, Charlevoix, Quebec, married Felicite Savard in 1800 in La Malbaie, died 1826
Etienne IV Debien -born 1746 in I’le-aux-Coudres, Charlevoix, Quebec, married Francoise Tremblay in 1768, died 1776 in Ile-aux-Coudres, Charlevoix, Quebec
Etienne III Debien – born in Baie-St-paul, Quebec 1719, married Veronique Bernard dit Gonthier in 1744, died 1783 in Ile-aux-Coudres, Charlevoix, Quebec
Etienne II Debien> Etienne Debien, immigrant ancestor, married Marie Campeau one of the earliest births in Quebec, died in 1708 in Quebec
Denis Debien – born about 1625 Poitou, France

* Can you identify male sibling(s) of your father’s mother, and any living male descendants from those male sibling(s)? If so, you have a candidate to do a Y-DNA test on that patrilineal line. If not, you may have to find male siblings, and their descendants, of the next generation back, or even further.
There’s more out there, after all she had seven brothers and six sisters, but only one has been in contact with me.


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  1. Michael Desbiens says:

    Hi therei'm michael desbiens and this is my famillyhow did you find this?email me a

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