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Is Your Birth Date Genetic?

The date of your birth should be totally random, but is it? How many people in your family share a birthday with another family member?

I was asking myself this question today, since March 22 is my niece’s 20th birthday, my nephew’s 14th birthday and my grandnephew’s 8th birthday.

I started thinking about the date, the 22nd of the month. I found this to be a popular day to give birth in my family. My older brother was born on September 22nd, my son was born on January 22nd and my grandnephew’s first birthday was February 22nd. That’s six family members born on the 22nd of the month, half in the same month. There were a lot of close calls too. My granddaughter, nephew and niece were born on the 19th, one niece, one nephew, one grandnephew on the 21st. That’s 12 out of 40 family members that were born between the 19th – 22nd of the month. I think that’s more than coincidence!

Quite a few of my family members share birthdays also, my oldest son and my niece , my nephew and grandson, my nephew and my dad, my grandson and my grandmother, my grandfather and me.

My brothers and sisters and I have a theory about all of the September births among us, first three of seven, the seventh one was late, October 4th. Our theory is that it’s nine months after Christmas, and when they were first starting out they didn’t have much to spend on gifts for each other, and the last one was because they had six mouths to feed and didn’t have much money to spent on gifts for each other.

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March 2009