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My Genealogy Research Techniques – Weekly Blogging Prompt # 14

Week #14: Talk about the different types of technology you use in your genealogy research. Whether it’s a new search engine, a special application, or anything else “2.0,” let readers know what you’re working with, and how it’s working for you.

I guess I am your stereotypical “pyjama genealogist”, I ‘m wearing them right now! I rarely go out of the house to do my genealogy research. I have gone to libraries, but my local library only has local family histories, so I do most of my research online.

I don’t have stacks of files, I started out printing everything out but soon found it easier and less expensive to put it on disks or USB drives. I have copies of all my research on two computers, desktop and laptop, on two USB drives and an external drive. If I want anything printed out, I have a wireless priter and a wireless PSC.

My office is my livingroom, I use my laptop most of the time, sit on the couch with a coffee and get comfortable. I’m usually on early in the day, checking email, posting on my groups, reading blogs, while I babysit my grandson. I can’t do too much research while he’s here, I’m up and down every few minutes with him. I usuall spend some time in the afternoon doing research, when it’s quiet. I have an online Notebook where I am sorting out and storing all of my documents and images. If I’m on late at night, I am usually uploading source files to my Notebook while I’m watching TV, which is a tedious process and doesn’t take much attention, or catching up with my cousin, who lives on the west coast.

I use Rootsmagic-To-Go and carry my USB drive with me, at all times, along with my camera. I can enter data right into the program wherever there is a computer.

As for websites, I have a Rootsmagic website, a family website, a reunion website, personal website, Tribal Pages website, five group sites (manager), a genealogy blog, personal blog, I am on Facebook and use Twitter.

I also have quite a collection of antique source books, in PDF form that I reference often. I buy source books as well when I can. I have a subscription to and have a tree there as well.

I do enjoy going out to photograph gravestones, visit museums, Forts, historically significant areas around the province.

I am not a genealogist, I don’t profess to be, I am not interested in making a career out of it, I do it for my own satisfaction, to learn more about my ancestors and share what I’ve learned with those who are interested.


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