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The Libbys from Cornwall, England

Benjamin Libby, son of Isaac Libby and Grace George, was born September 24th, 1843 in Crowan Parish, Cornwall, England. He was one of fourteen children of the marriage. Benjamin Libby married Joanna Thomas in 1865 in Crowan Parish. There were no children from this marriage. He arrived in Canada in 1871 and married Hannah Duck, born in Toronto, Ontario. He had several children from this marriage:

Isaac William Libby, born in 1872
Grace, born in 1873
Thomas, born in 1875
Rhoda, born in 1876
Attie, born in 1878
Benjamin, born in 1881
Robert, born in 1882

Hannah died in Jan. 13, 1884 in Sandwich, Essex County.

Benjamin married again in 1886 to Mary Jane Hannah, born in Quebec, who died in 1898.
(marriage record, wrong surname – Benjamin Sibley, son of Isaac Sibley and Grace George)

Thomas Libby, born in 1875, married Ethel Viola O’Neil, daughter of William James O’Neil and Rosetta Holden, on Sept. 19, 1923. Thomas was a livery-man.
Thomas and Ethel were the parents of Thomas Neil Libby, who became an Anglican minister who was first at London, Ontario in 1958 and later in Windsor, was a pioneer in the founding of the St. Leonard’s Society of Canada in 1962.

parish records
1871 Canadian Immigration Records –
1881 census Peel Twp.
1891 census Sandwich S. Twp.
1901 census Sandwich S. Twp.
1911 census Sandwich Twp.
birth, marriage, death records


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