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Happy Mother’s Day!

This is my first Mother’s Day that I am celebrating without a visit with my mother. I can still remember the first store-bought Mother’s Day Gift we gave our Mom. Dad gave us some money to go uptown and buy her a gift. “Uptown” consisted of a hardware store, a grocery store, and a convenience store, so we searched and finally came home with what we thought was the best choice for Mom. It was a small ceramic figurine of a skunk with real fur on the tail. When she looked at it she would always remember the spring that she got sprayed by a skunk! She loved it and thought it was the perfect gift.

the cake my grandchildren baked for their
mom and me yesterday

My mother-in-law is a special person as well, after my mom passed away last summer she had a memorial stone made for me with mom’s poem on it.

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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – You might be a professional genealogist if…

Randy Seaver’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – You might be a professional genealogist if…
Here are my additions to the list :

1. you make out a genealogical will
2. you have the local historical society on speed dial
3.your idea of a vacation includes stops to at least three pioneer cemeteries
4. you stop to ask for directions to abandoned cemeteries and the locals don’t know they exist
5. you are listening to neighbourhood gossip and hear yourself say “cite your sources”
6. you are at an antique auction and find old photo albums, and you start flipping through them looking for names and dates (did that yesterday).

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