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My Dad’s Silver Buckle

My fondest memory of my dad’s silver buckle was the day of my first wedding. I was young, only seventeen, and my mom made my wedding dress. It was made of white satin and had a Chantilly lace cape instead of a veil and train. The crowning touch was the silver buckle that my dad let me use for my dress. The silver buckle was the ‘something old’ and the ‘something borrowed’. To think that my wedding day was the first time the buckle had actually been worn in over a century! It was quite an honour and I wore it with pride when my dad walked me down the aisle.
My second wedding was 25 years later, 5 years after my dad died. I made my own wedding dress and my flower girl’s dresses.

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    I awarded you the “ONe LOvely Blog Award”. Come check it out on my blog.Caroline

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