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While researching my Loyalist ancestors, I have acquired quite a bit of information, from many different sites on the web. After two years of researching and storing of information about “All Things Loyalist” I found there was not one group I could join to share my finds and post queries that dealt with Loyalists in particular, there were several Canadian genealogy sites and Rev. War sites, but no UEL group. Last fall, just before MSN Groups announced the closing of it’s doors, I started a group specially for people researching their Loyalist ancestors or just interested in Canadian history or the United Empire Loyalists called Loyalists Re-United. It was a new group so there wasn’t much to move, so I moved it to Multiply Groups. There is quite a bit of information there, but only a few individuals have joined the group.
I have more blog sites on Viviti where I plan on blogging about my UEL ancestors, membership and certification progress at My Loyalist Heritage. I also have a blog about the United Empire Loyalists in general at Loyalists Re-United blog.
My reason for creating these sites is to aid in researching your Loyalist ancestors and further educating the readers about the impact these people made on the history of Canada.


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