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COG – #76 – My Favourite Summer Vacation

When I was young, my father always took us to historically significant vacation destinations, even day-trips. One summer we crossed the province from west to east along the lakes and St. Lawrence River to Cornwall, just about to the Quebec border. My youngest sister stayed home with my grandmother, she was just a baby. We have a rather large family so we travelled in a station wagon. As if six kids in the car wasn’t enough, my cousin and a friend came with us as well so you can imagine the close quarters, 8 kids in a station wagon!
Dad decided that we would drive all the way to Cornwall so we could see the dams, but the workers were on strike when we got there, so we turned around and headed back.
Well, it wasn’t a wasted trip anyway, on the way, we stopped at Upper Canada Village, went on the Thousand Islands cruise, rented a couple of cottages for a couple of nights in Brockville, and went swimming in the St. Lawrence River, was it cold! When we went through Kingston, we saw the Maximum Security Pennitentiary and a few miles down the road we went through a police roadblock, there was an escape and they were looking for the prisoner. Mom was really nervous after that and made us keep all the doors locked for about a hundred miles.
We stopped at every memorial marker and way sign on the highway, toured the Alexander Graham Bell House, the Mohawk Chapel, and learned a lot about early Ontario history. I think there must have been some complaints about the cramped ride and the heat, but I can’t remember anything but the best vacation of my childhood.


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