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Is GenealogyWise Being Wise?

I joined GenealogyWise a few days ago after reading Randy Seaver’s blog at Genea-musings, when there were only 19 groups and a couple of hundred members. I had received an email earlier in the day from, requesting help in launching the site. They were looking to hire 15 people to work for 10 hours to help get the site ready for the launch date, on July 17th. I thought that they wanted people with experience in IT field, but they just wanted people to create as many groups as they could think of in 10 hours, it seems. The membership is growing but not nearly as fast as the groups! There were about 1900 members and over 1100 groups this morning.

I have started receiving what I would call “spam” in my inbox, from members who were hired to promote the site. I don’t think creating thousands of groups will promote anything, it seems as if the creators are just concerned with “who can make the most groups”. I joined a couple of groups at first, but now I don’t think I’ll stay with the ones that were created by the “employees” of, how can they possibly expect to manage and monitor all of the groups that they create? Or will they abandon them after a few weeks? I did join the Geneabloggers group there and some special interest groups, but, unless a group is highly reccommended I will not be joining any more.

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Our First Family Reunion – Counting The Days

The first Fairbairn Family Reunion is less than a month away, on August 8th & 9th. My cousin and I are organizing the two-day affair to be held in Amherstburg at the Jellystone Campground. This is my first experience at organizing a family reunion so we’ll see how it goes. My cousin lives in British Columbia, so we have been keeping in touch through Facebook, Fairbairn Family Reunion group on Facebook, the reunion website, Twitter, emails and since we switched to cable for our phone, I can call her anytime, at no cost.

I am going to be making shareable CDs with my Rootsmagic4 program. I was going to make printed copies of a family book, but since I already have the program, I think family members would have fun playing around with all the features of Rootsmagic4,, and if they want a book, they can design and print one up themselves. The shareable CD is the full program, but it is not editable. There is only one database. There will be a lot of old family photos to be scanned to CDs and photos of the reunion activities and group photos that I will be putting on CDs as well. It will keep me busy, since I won’t be participating in any activities, I will be recovering from major surgery. I am going to make a giant wall chart to be filled in at the reunion by the family members also. We put a form on the website for updating family information too.

The RSVPs and t-shirt orders are coming in steadily, and there will be a quilt raffle at the end of the reunion. We are taking orders for t-shirts and raffle tickets for the quilts on the reunion website, through Paypal, or by mail. My cousin and I decided that even those family members who are unable to attend the reunion, should be able to participate in the quilt raffle, t-shirts and CDs, so we are requesting a shipping address with the orders.

We are planning a scavenger hunt of a different sort, so the little ones can play too. Insteead of a list of items to find, the participants have to find any item that starts with the letters that make up the words FAIRBAIRN FAMILY REUNION.

We are also going to have a softball tournament, weather permitting, and since I have tons of fabric, I am sewing team “shirts”, actually more like halter tops, one size fits all, in two different colours.

My cousin reserved the group campsite for the reunion, and there will be a tent set up where I will be scanning and making CDs. I would like to hold some family interviews there too. I’m looking forward to it, and I’ll let you know how it turns out in a month. If this one is successful, I might just organize a family reunion with my dad’s family!

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