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Since I have a lot of time to work on my laptop while recovering from my surgery, I have been working on my Fairbairn database, I’m hoping to have it finished by the first of August, then I’ll start working on designing the shareable CD for the family reunion.
I opened a new database in Rootsmagic 4 and dragged my Fairbairn ancestors over into it from my Family history database. I am filling in all of the blanks, and adding sources and media files to it. I am sorting through all of the Ancestry records and my research files, finding images for all of my Fairbairn descendants.
The Scottish naming patterns for our Fairbairn family are the same as for most of the Fairbairns in North America, so I’m going cross-eyed with all of the Thomas, Robert, George, John and James Fairbairns there are, generation after generation, sorting out what is my family. The Fairbairn families are differentiated by where they lived on the borders in Scotland. Mine are the Fogo Fairbairns.
I am glad that the censuses for Ontario are online, to help me match up who goes with what family here. Some stayed in Detroit, Michigan as well, and I’m having a hard time sorting them out.
I am trying to fill in the blanks for the families that stayed in Scotland and a few that immigrated later also. John Fairbairn, the only brother of my immigrant ancestor that stayed in Scotland, married Marjory Rose and lived in Leitholm, Berwickshire. Isobella Fairbairn, sister of , Robert Fairbairn, married Alexander Luke and had a family in Coldstream, Berwickshire, Scotland. After Alexander’s death in 1854 and Isobell’s in 1858, the rest of the Luke family immigrated first to Ontario and then to Minnesota and ended up in Spokane, Washington.
I have a form on my family reunion website to send information for updating family history. Quite a few family members used it, and I am very gratefull that they did. I just have to enter the new data from the emails into my RM4 program.
I am creating a giant wall chart for at the reunion as well, filling in what info I have, and leaving spaces for new information to be filled in at the reunion. I will then enter the new data there, in my Rootsmagic-to-go and create the disks when all of the data is recorded. I am planning to have the wall chart kept to take to future reunions as well.

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July 2009