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Our First Fairbairn Family Reunion

Well, the rain kept a lot away from the reunion on Saturday, but, after the rain quit about suppertime, a few more families came out for the evening. The kids enjoyed themselves getting their faces painted and trick-or-treating around the campground for a couple of hours.

There was a dance later in the evening for the older kids. The adults had a chance to do some catching up while they were busy. I met a few cousins who braved the weather and came out, and we discussed a lot of family history.

On Sunday the rain had quit, but the temps. were in the 90’s, and humid. There were the mandatory water balloon fights, with our table being designated the “Safe” table.
One cousin, Lynn Davison, came out for a couple of hours and shared lots of information with us. His aunt was the author of The Fairbairn Family – 200 Years in America, and he’s been working on the continuation of his aunt’s work for years. I’m glad he was able to attend, and I hope he had a happy birthday yesterday.

Me, Lynn Davison & Darla Geauvereau (organizer of the reunion)

Another cousin, David Fairbairn, is going to be a volunteer for the Fairbairn DNA project. He was interested in joining but didn’t know how to go about it. He and his sister, Judy, are my mother’s first cousins, although she had never met them. They came down from Sudbury and Toronto and camped out.

David and Judy

Allen Fairbairn, was able to come out for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday. He just lives a few miles from the campground. Allen was the oldest cousin attending, he’s 77. He had hoped to see more older relatives, but he had a few stories to tell.

Breelyn, my brother’s youngest granddaughter, was the youngest family member in attendance.

The kids had fun staying cool on Sunday, going swimming, riding bikes and playing games. There were a lot of raffles for the kids too, they all went home with a few prizes.

We had a great weekend and the kids had a memorable time no matter what the weather. There were no major catastrophies, no injuries, we have a DNA project volunteer and everyone that attended were glad they came and are looking forward to the next one, so, I would say that our first reunion was a success!


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