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Time To Get Back To My Studies; Setting Some Goals

It seems like summer just arrived and September is here already! Traditionally, September is a busy month for most people, a change of seasons, harvest-time, and the beginning of the school year. It will be a busy month for me as well, it’s time to get back to some serious researching.
I am setting a goal for the month of September of researching my family history for 2 hours a day, and see if I can’t break through some of my brick walls.

I have a lot more records to find and information to verify on my Fairbairn line, which should keep me busy. My database has increased from a little over 200 to over 1900, so I think I’ll set a goal for 1 year to finish this. I have noticed a Fairbairn-Freisman mariage which I would like to check out. The surname is rare and my 2nd greatgrandmother, Sarah E. Haines’ maiden name was Freisman.

I want to do some more research on my loyalist ancestors and those of my husband too. I have to find and gather together sources for my Haines line from the Mohawk River valley and Doan from New Jersey and PA lines. I may be able to find more information and break through some brick walls, like what my 3rd greatgrandmother, Lydia Haines’ maiden name was, or what my 4th greatgrandmother, Mrs. Joseph Haines, Sr.’s name was. My husband’s loyalist ancestors include the Bradt, Van Alstine, Burtch and Hoover lines, but he’s not interested in certification at this time. I will have more information about what is entailed in seeking certification after we attend the UELAC branch luncheon, on the 19th. of September.

I have also recently found more information about some of my grandmother, Josephine Desbien Hines’ siblings from an obituary in the newspaper archives. I have a lot of researching and filling in blanks for her family as well. I hope that I can find some information about the family who moved to Michigan.

I think that this research and blogging should keep me busy for a while. Hopefully, I will be able to get more accomplished this month.


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COG #79 – Family Reunions – Our Next Family Reunion

My submission for the 79th Carnival of Genealogy hosted by Jane at CanadaGenealogy or “Jane’s Your Aunt” blog has a link to a previous blog post of our family reunion as I blogged about our first reunion before the carnival topic was announced.

As anyone who follows my blog already knows, we had our first Fairbairn family reunion recently and we are planning our next one in 3 years. The family isn’t located close enough to have an annual reunion, and we need a lot more than a year to prepare for one.

Our next family reunion will hopefully have better weather, so more family can attend, but you can never plan the weather, so at least we have some foul-weather experience under our belt already.

We learned quite a bit from our first reunion and the second one will be even better. We have three years of fund-raising ahead of us so we will be able to reserve the whole group site and have lots of space for activities and parking and it will afford more privacy as well. A few of the family had to park at the front entrance and walk to the group site.

We are also going to have a committee made up of a volunteer from each branch of the family, to organize the next reunion. With a representative from each branch of the family, more members will be notified of the reunion and there will be a better turnout. This year, my cousin and I organized everything, and, since I was recovering from major surgery, she did most of the work at the reunion. It was a lot of work for her and she did a great job. If there were more family there, she wouldn’t have had as much time to enjoy the reunion.

Next reunion, I think we’ll take pictures of every family separately as they arrive, so that we have pictures of all of the families attending. This year, there were group photos taken on Sunday afternoon, beause it rained on Saturday, but the family that had been there the day before and earlier in the day weren’t included.

I had a lot of fun planning my first family reunion and meeting new family. Now, maybe, I’ll get in touch with some of my dad’s side of the family and start planning a reunion with them as well!

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