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Wordless Wednesday – Global Warming???

I live in SW Ontario and the only native cactus is the prickly pear. I don’t know how this cactus got here.

This cactus grew on its own this spring in my front garden. Right now it’s about 2″ tall.

The cactus is right behind the bunny.

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2 Responses

  1. Greta Koehl says:

    We had a "volunteer" cactus – also a prickly pear – growing in our backyard herb garden here in Virginia some years back. An unusually hard winter finally killed it, and we were rather sad to see it go.

  2. Earline Hines Bradt says:

    We had a prickly pear for a few years by the front sidewalk. It got too big and started growing over the sidewalk and I had to get rid of it, the needles got in everything and everyone. This one isn't a prickly pear, the needles don't come out. I'm going to bring it in before it gets too cold.

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