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Too Late For Dinner, How Un-Fortune-ate!!

Turkey and cranberries, pumpkin pie, it’s funny how just the mention of these words automatically conjures up great memories of Thanksgiving feasts of the past.

It makes me wonder about the first Thanksgiving celebration in Plymouth Colony. What did they have for their “feast”? I’m pretty sure they were far more thankful for it than we could ever be. They were thankful that they survived the first winter, as so many loved ones didn’t. (page 198) They were thankful for not being killed by unfriendly natives and they were really thankful for the bounty that friendly natives had shared.

What would have been on the menu? Read about the First Thanksgiving on page 230.

Well, whatever they ate, by the time my ancestor got there, there weren’t even any leftovers! He was a week late, arriving in Plymouth Colony on the Fortune in 1621 (page 235). My ninth great-grandfather, Stephen Deane, was on board ship, so his meal was not much to give thanks for, no fresh fruit or vegetables, no fresh meat, and even fresh water was probably being rationed by this time. If he was healthy, it was because of his strong fortitude, not his diet.

The Fortune landed a week late, but, it arrived, and Stephen Deane survived, was a prominent figure in early Plymouth Colony and married Elizabeth Ring in 1627. They had three daughters before his death in 1634; Elizabeth, my eighth greatgrandmother, married William Twining, Miriam married John Wing and Susanna married Thomas Rogers.

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