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Training For The Geneabloggers Winter Olympics- Feb.12, 2010

Now that the cold weather is setting in for the season, I have begun training for the Winter Olympics 2010. As I understand, the Canadian geneabloggers are the “Hosts” of the Olympics. I’ve been over at Destination: Austin Family getting familiar with the feel of the competition. Well, that was the Summer Olympics 2008 and like the different seasons, I feel we need to add some different events, maybe a “Festival of Postcards” or “Smile for the Camera” about “Winter Sports” or something like that with the Opening Ceremonies.

The torch will be lit and start it’s journey on October 22, 2009. You can keep track of where it is on the website.

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2 Responses

  1. Thomas MacEntee says:

    Thanks for mentioning the upcoming Winter 2010 Geneablogger Games! This will be so much fun in February especially since a group of great Canadian genealogy blogs will be organizing the event!

  2. M. Diane Rogers says:

    Excellent idea about a Festival of Postcards or a Smile for the Camera event as part of the opening ceremonies. We could have something extra for the closing ceremonies too. Let's set up an organizing meeting soon and invite the various genealogy carnival organizers to join us. The 2010 Geneablogging Games will be memorable and fun! (And best of all, speaking as a BCer, ours won't cost a billion or two.)

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