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Ready For A Break

Install, update, install, update, install, update, I need a break! I have been driving myself crazy doing a major overhaul of my notebook, and I haven’t had time to do anything in the way of research.

I had Vista on the C drive and Windows 7 RC on the D drive so I installed Windows 7 Home Premium over the Vista and formatted the D drive so that it was empty. My files and folders automatically got saved to my Library on the C drive, but I have to move my research files and pictures onto the D drive now to free up space. With the Libraries, I can set my default folder to save all of my pictures on the D drive. Now I have all of my Research and Pictures on the D drive and have changed the default locations, I have to change the other libraries later.

I still have to install two printers and a couple of other programs but I am taking the night off. I’m glad I did too, I took advantage of the Twitter offer for six months free access to World Vital Records but I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t check in with my genealogy group. If I would have kept going with my upgrading I would have missed out on the offer because I haven’t been on Twitter for a couple of days, I just finished installing the Echofon on Firefox for my Twitter alerts.

Next morning:


Now, I have my taskbar organized, I have several applications pinned to it that come in handy for my genealogy researching; Rootsmagic4, Snipping tool, Wordpad, Sticky Notes, Magnifier, and Windows Live Journal so I can have my genealogy blog handy anytime. With the Jump Lists feature in Windows 7, I have everything I need for researching and blogging all in one place. I think I’m going to be much more productive with my Windows 7.

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November 2009