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Follow Friday – Destination: Austin Famiy

Thomas MacEntee shares his innermost feelings about his mother in his touching post at Destination: Austin Family: To Touch Mom’s Face Again. Anyone who has watched a parent go from a vital, vibrant person to a helpless, hopeless invalid can relate to his anguish.

Thomas asks if it was worth taking the time to go visit her when she doesn’t even recognize him, some people would say “no, she doesn’t even know you’re there”, but my feelings are that if you don’t make the trip and she is gone before you get to see her again, you’d regret not going, even if it’s just to touch her face again and let her know that she’s loved and she’s not alone. I would give anything to be able to just touch my mother’s face again.


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2 Responses

  1. Thomas MacEntee says:

    Thanks so much Earline for the Follow Friday mention.

  2. Earline Hines Bradt says:

    I shouldn't have used the word "invalid", my mom hated the word. I could hear my mother saying "I'm not an invalid, I'm still valid!" as I was typing it.

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