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I have just started following some twitterers that have created genealogy lists. “Lists” are a new feature of Twitter, and I have no idea what they’re all about, but, if it puts me in contact with more genealogists faster than following them individually, then I guess it’s a good feature.

To create a new list, you go to your Profile page on Twitter. There is a drop-down box of your lists in the lower right corner:

To see the people with lists that are following you, just select the “listed” and a page of lists opens,

with the members with lists who are following you and the lists that you are following.

There is a section in the right sidebar of your Twitter home page with a collapsible Lists that you follow.
You can view the List page of the members and see all of the lists that they created.

I don’t know how Lists is different from Twibes, but I’ll try it and see if there are any advantages.


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Surname Saturday – Cameron

I have recently been exchanging information about the Cameron family in early Upper Canada with an elderly contact. She ran across one of my sites with information about Ann Cameron, who married Philip Haines . She is a descendant of Charles Cameron, Ann’s brother. She writes:

So far, it looks like a James Cameron, b 1757 was the father of Ann and William and I am presuming of Charles also. He was stationed at the Garrison in Quebec City. Originally he enlisted at New York in Sept 1777 and eventually in 1780 wet to Lower Scotland to recruit the regiment up to Establishment. from 1783 to 1787 they were in Ireland, and sailed for Quebec in 1787. There is a moot point where it looks like Charles was b while in Scotland or was a child b. just at the end of the revolution.

James show in Quebec register at the Anglican Cathedral, Quebec City as of the 26th of foots, as the father of William along with his wife, Mary. In 1800 his wife, Mary and dau. Ann sign the burial register of James.
Robertson’s Landmarks of Toronto shows Charles and family as being in Town of York. Later I found Mary married a John Berry in 1802. I believe this to be Mary, Charles’ mother. Charles married Sarah Houghton 1808 and Ann m Philip Haines. They attend each others weddings and baptisms of their children, also of friends and extended families.

Until I find other proof of a different father, I am settling for this James. They were both in the 26th of Foots, Charles enlisted as a boy of 7 in 1790. The names carry on in the family of William b 1797, so it bodes well for this choice.

If anyone has any information about this Cameron family or any connections to it, please contact me. The woman would like to find out more information as soon as possible, she’s 88 and wants to be able to leave her Cameron family genealogy for her descendants.

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