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The creators of the Viviti web-building site are young Canadian entrepreneurs from British Columbia. I found out about Viviti when it just started, through Bravenet.They were promoting the site and asking for Beta testers.

I started a few sites when in Beta, three months before they put up the total websites worldwide in Sept./08, and there were less than 1000 sites world-wide at that time. By Dec.1/08 when it went into Open Beta and was made public, there were over 5000 sites. It has been out of Beta since April when there were over 10,000 sites. I have seen all of the bugs being worked out and all of the new widgets and improvements that have been requested by the Beta testers. It has come a long way since it’s introduction.

Viviti is an excellent blogging platform, with the ability to create categories for your posts so that you can blog about different topics on one site. It can be personalized with fully editable content boxes, several image boxes, including a Flickr gallery, widgets for social media like Twitter, Facebook Updates and You tube, audio player, Embeded Flash, but it is also great for businesses with business widgets like Paypal and Bookfresh Online Scheduling.

There are lots of themes for your site, or, you can create your own custom theme, there are step by step instructions in the Wiki for less experienced users. You can even make custom favicons (icons that show up on the tabs and address bar) or select from several ready made ones. It is very user-friendly and customizable. You can keep track of your website activity easily without leaving your site. It is easier to customize your site if you can see what the changes look like a soon as you make them. When you are logged in, there is a bar at the top of the page

and a status bar at the bottom that lets you do whatever needs to be done to create and maintain your website.

I have my homepage, My Favourites Place, on Viviti as well as a family reunion site, and my business site, which I’m still working on. I started My Loyalist Heritage, a blog site after it was out of Beta, to see what features are available with a free site. My other sites are “Custom Free Sites” for Beta testers which is the equivalent of a $5.00 mo. site. You can do everything on a free site as the payed versions, there’s less storage and 15 page. maximum but there aren’t any limits on how many free sites you can have.

For anyone wishing to have a more flexible blog, personal or business website, I recommend Check it out, you’ll be amazed at what a few west-coast Canucks have come up with!

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Just A Few Words…

I was wondering, after reading my cousin’s Remembrance Day post about her father, whether his survival and courage was influenced at all by his belief in his family motto. I can just imagine his ancestors’ voices shouting out to him when he was feeling discouraged and all alone, “remember you are a Fairbairn, yield not to difficulties!”

In Scottish history, a family motto was used as a war cry, and most of the clans and septs had their own. If my granduncle would have been born with the surname Campbell whose motto is “Forget not” or Kennedy with “Consider the end,” or Livingstone with “If I can”, would he have made it home?

Having a family motto gives a sense of pride in your heritage and your ancestors and gives you a sort of unity with your ancestors, who spoke the very same words when faced with adversity. A family motto can even be a source for inner strength, as I’m sure it was with Stan Fairbairn. He really believed in his family motto and it helped in keeping him alive and gave him strength and endurance to be able to heal and go back to a normal family life. His motto was more than just a few words, those words had meaning and were more necessary to him than even his arms. Those four word were a part of him that he could pass on to his children to make them stronger individuals.

If you don’t have a family motto, get your family together and create one. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just a phrase that is an inspiration for your family. It may be phrase that describes your faith, your family values, your ideals, etc. Give it some thought, you never know when a few words of inspiration may be the difference between life and death.

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COG #84 -What The Carnival Of Genealogy Means To Me

I didn’t venture into the genealogy blogosphere until this past February, so I have not participated in too many Carnival of Genealogy events, but the ones that I have participated in have been very rewarding in several aspects.

First, I enjoyed creating the carnival posts and sharing them with everyone (although my first entry, COG #68 – A Tribute To Women – Sarah Haines UEL was not my creation, but something I wanted to share).

Another reward is that my blog got more traffic by entering the COGs. Not only was there the blogroll at Geneabloggers to find my blog, there are links to events on Geneabloggers site. Randy Seaver at Genea-musings usually includes the carnivals in his weekly Top Ten List also. I think that the reason my blog was nominated for Family Tree Magazine’s Top 40 was the exposure I got from entering the different carnivals and exposure that I got from them.

But the best reward has been meeting the rest of the geneabloggers in the community and sharing with you. I have learned a lot from you in the past nine months about blogging, researching, citing sources, and even photography!

I try and participate in every COG carnival that I have some knowledge about or information to share. These are the entries that I have had in the Carnival of Genealogy:

#68 – A Tribute To Women – Sarah Haines, UEL
#69 – What If… – The British Won The Revolutionary War
#71 – Local History – Tomato Capitol of Canada, Leamington, Ontario
#73 -The Good Earth – Vege-land
#75 – Justice and Independence – The Loyalists Viewpoint
#76 – My Favourite Summer Vacation
#77 – Disasters – God’s Wrath
#79 – Family Reunions – Our Next Family Reunion
#81 – Genealogy Blog Obit – A Short But Full Life

Thank you, Jasia, for creating the Carnival of Genealogy, I am waiting with anticipation to see the changes to come in the New Year.

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