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COG #84 -What The Carnival Of Genealogy Means To Me

I didn’t venture into the genealogy blogosphere until this past February, so I have not participated in too many Carnival of Genealogy events, but the ones that I have participated in have been very rewarding in several aspects.

First, I enjoyed creating the carnival posts and sharing them with everyone (although my first entry, COG #68 – A Tribute To Women – Sarah Haines UEL was not my creation, but something I wanted to share).

Another reward is that my blog got more traffic by entering the COGs. Not only was there the blogroll at Geneabloggers to find my blog, there are links to events on Geneabloggers site. Randy Seaver at Genea-musings usually includes the carnivals in his weekly Top Ten List also. I think that the reason my blog was nominated for Family Tree Magazine’s Top 40 was the exposure I got from entering the different carnivals and exposure that I got from them.

But the best reward has been meeting the rest of the geneabloggers in the community and sharing with you. I have learned a lot from you in the past nine months about blogging, researching, citing sources, and even photography!

I try and participate in every COG carnival that I have some knowledge about or information to share. These are the entries that I have had in the Carnival of Genealogy:

#68 – A Tribute To Women – Sarah Haines, UEL
#69 – What If… – The British Won The Revolutionary War
#71 – Local History – Tomato Capitol of Canada, Leamington, Ontario
#73 -The Good Earth – Vege-land
#75 – Justice and Independence – The Loyalists Viewpoint
#76 – My Favourite Summer Vacation
#77 – Disasters – God’s Wrath
#79 – Family Reunions – Our Next Family Reunion
#81 – Genealogy Blog Obit – A Short But Full Life

Thank you, Jasia, for creating the Carnival of Genealogy, I am waiting with anticipation to see the changes to come in the New Year.


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