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December 1st – Our Christmas Tree Tradition

When I was growing up, there were no trips out into the bush to cut a fresh tree. If we had put up a real tree, by Christmas Day there would have been just a pile of needles, because we always put the tree up on Mom’s birthday, November 30th. It was that way from my first memories until I was out on my own. I am publishing this post a day early, in memory of my mother’s birthday.

Mom and dad did their best to get the most realistic artificial tree that they could. I remember one year, they bought a new tree, life-like needles and this thing hanging at the centre of the tree that looked like a hand grenade. well, it was supposed to be a pine cone that, when squeezed, sent a puff of evergreen scent into the air. It was filled with the most awful smelling powder. Dad got one whiff of it and it was in the trash.

I was in charge of the lights, untangling the lights for the tree and checking to see if they worked, I think I got the job because of my patience, which helped me get through the teen years with my two boys. I put all of the lights on the tree and drape the tree in garland then the younger kids would decorate the tree, well, half of the tree anyway. Why do kids always hang ornaments at their eye level? After they hung a half-dozen ornaments, they wanted to go play, so I finished up.

We didn’t take our tree down until the first week of January and by that time it was pretty sad looking, garland falling off, icicles all over the place and burnt out light bulbs, but no needles! I ended up taking the tree down myself the last few years I was at home, and that’s the way it has always been since.

This is my first post of the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories at Geneabloggers

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