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Off Topic – Sheri’s Fall

We were informed by Sheri Bush’s daughter on our group, Seeking Our Twigs, that she had a bad fall on Monday night and broke her arm and ankle. She underwent surgery yesterday on her arm and her ankle is in a cast. She is hoping to be home from the hospital today but won’t be able to do any blogging for a while. Sheri is the author of Twig Talk and the Jackson County Journal . Here’s an update from her daughter:

Hello Again folks .
Just talked to mom a little while ago she called .
She’s doing and feeling much better .
She’s tired of jello .LOL she’s said I’m ready for REAL food .
But the pain is better and she is still on pain meds which have apparently
worked they’re charm .
The Physical Therapist should be in the in the morning to talk to mom and see
how she is as far as getting up and everything .
She’s eager to get moving instead of laying in the hospital bed.LOL
So she’s ready to pack up and come home .
We are still in shock over the fall and the why that’s a puzzle .
I’ve told her of the well wishes she has recieved so far .
She greatly appreciates it .
and keep ’em comming either via group or email I’ll be view both I’ll print it
all out and let her view .
She got a kick out of the name I gave my self
Secretary Shani .

Talk again soon with another update.
Secretary Daughter Shani

If anyone wants to, you can email her or leave a comment on her blog. Our prayers are with you Sheri, hoping for a quick recovery.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I do hope that your mom is better soon! I just discovered her website/blog so I want to read more!

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