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Dec. 5 – Outdoor Decorations

When I was growing up, the only Christmas displays were the Nativity Scenes in front of the churches in town. I can remember a few houses had some lights on the windows and roof lines, but nothing spectacular. We didn’t do any decorating outdoors.

I think that the commercialism of Christmas has a lot to do with it, the more commercialism there is, the more elaborate the outdoor decorating is. Nativity scenes are being replaced with Santas and reindeers and the true meaning of Christmas is getting lost.

Christmas is a Christian holiday and it used to be that only Christians celebrated it. Now almost everyone around the world is celebrating Christmas, no matter what the religion. Nativity scenes are being outlawed because they may offend non-Christians. Why are they offensive, they just portray the First Christmas. After all, if Jesus wasn’t born, there wouldn’t even be a Christmas and that would really be offensive. Put Christ back into Christmas,

is the reason for the season!

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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Dear Genea-Santa…

From Randy at Genea-musings Hey, fellow geneaholics, it’s Saturday Night, and time for lots of Genealogy Fun! Your mission, should you decide to accept it (cue the Mission: Impossible music), is to write a nice letter to Genea-Santa Here are the directions:
1) Write a letter to Genea-Santa and ask for only ONE thing. It could be hardware, software, a missing family Bible, a record that you desperately want, etc.
2) Tell Genea-Santa what a good genea-girl or genea-boy you’ve been this past year and give examples.
3) Exhibit your posts on your own blog, in a Facebook post commenting on this note, or in a Comment to this blog post.
So – go forth and write your letter!

Dear Genea-Santa,

How are you doing, are you eating lots of Mrs. Claus’ cookies and getting fattened up for Christmas Eve? Are your elves keeping busy? How old are you and when is your birthday? When and where did you and Mrs. Claus get married? What is Mrs. Claus’ maiden name? Do you have any children?

I have been really good at keeping up my geneablog, and reading all of the other geneablogs too. I entered several Genealogy Carnivals as well. My blog was even nominated for Family Tree Magazine Top 40 genealogy blogs and I didn’t even nominate or vote for my own blog. I am trying my best to write daily posts for the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories and I submitted three recipes to the Geneabloggers Winter Cookbook.

I have been sharing my blog with my family and friends on Facebook and I created a blog just for my kids and grandkids about their ancestry, To My Descendants. I made some “I Remember” pages for my mom and dad on Facebook too.

I also joined the Bicentennial Branch of the UELAC this summer. I went to my first meeting but I didn’t go to the last one because I had been exposed to the H1N1 virus and wasn’t feeling good and didn’t want to make anyone sick there.

I was assistant organizer of my family reunion even though I had to have surgery a few weeks before, I helped out as much as possible.

I haven’t been doing such a good job at keeping my genealogy database up to date, but I will try harder next year.

I won’t ask for much this year, I don’t really need much, but I really would like to get my UEL certification, if it isn’t too much to ask. I have been researching my ancestors and I think I have everything I need, I just have to order some documents. I really really want to honour my Loyalist ancestors and make it easy for more of Nathaniel Haines’ descendants to get their certification if they want to. So please could you just bring me this one thing and I won’t ask for anything next year (unless I think of something during the year).

Yours truly, Earline

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December 4 – Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards -Did your family send cards? Did your family display the ones they received? Do you still send Christmas cards? Do you have any cards from your ancestors?
Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories

I wasn’t going to post to this day’s topic, I didn’t know what to write, my family hasn’t mailed Christmas cards for decades, usually we just hand deliver them or we bring our Christmas cards to our family gatherings and hand them out then.

We decided to mail Christmas cards this year for a change, so I found some that I liked and I am getting a mailing list together. I still have my mailing list for my wedding, I’ll start with that, but I have to edit it for people that have moved, passed away and new families. I’ll add to it my mailing list from the family reunion, there are a few new cousins to include. I will be mailing them all across the country, from British Columbia to Newfoundland and even a few international ones. If I have a mailing address, they’ll be getting a card.

For those who I don’t have a mailing address, I will be sending cards by email, but I prefer mailing them out, it seems more personal. I may include a family newsletter as well, I haven’t decided yet.

My grandchildren make cards to hand out at the family gatherings, but they have pompoms, popsicle sticks and tons of glitter on them, so I can’t scan them to share with you. I always hang the homemade cards on my tree.

My grandson made this picture of baby Jesus for me yesterday, he even put the star in it. He just learned how to print his name and he was so proud, and so am I!

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Follow Friday – FTM – Funny Tombstone Photos

Family Tree Magazine is having a contest, just post your funny tombstone photos to enter.
from Genealogy Insider :

Maybe the deceased or his family wanted to make a final, lasting statement, like this man, who campaigned until the bitter end (reader Ruth Anne Nelson sent us the picture for a 2006 All in the Family challenge). Or maybe the humor is coincidental. Either way, naturally, you photograph the stone.

Post that photo to our Funny Tombstone Photos Flickr group, and we might publish it in an upcoming book about funny tombstones and/or in Family Tree Magazine. You also could win an gift card!

And even if you don’t have a photo, show us your sense of humor by writing knee-slapping captions for others’ pictures—we’ll put the funniest ones in the book, too.

The submission deadline is March 31, but submit earlier for more chances to win a gift card.

You’ll find the submission instructions—for submitting via Flickr or e-mail—with the gift card drawing details, and, of course, funny photos, on our Funny Tombstone Photos Flickr page. (You may need to scroll down a little to the About section.)

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