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Dec. 5 – Outdoor Decorations

When I was growing up, the only Christmas displays were the Nativity Scenes in front of the churches in town. I can remember a few houses had some lights on the windows and roof lines, but nothing spectacular. We didn’t do any decorating outdoors.

I think that the commercialism of Christmas has a lot to do with it, the more commercialism there is, the more elaborate the outdoor decorating is. Nativity scenes are being replaced with Santas and reindeers and the true meaning of Christmas is getting lost.

Christmas is a Christian holiday and it used to be that only Christians celebrated it. Now almost everyone around the world is celebrating Christmas, no matter what the religion. Nativity scenes are being outlawed because they may offend non-Christians. Why are they offensive, they just portray the First Christmas. After all, if Jesus wasn’t born, there wouldn’t even be a Christmas and that would really be offensive. Put Christ back into Christmas,

is the reason for the season!

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  1. Amanda (the librarian) says:

    Amen, Earline!

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