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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – My Other Interests

I haven’t been dong as much genealogy stuff lately, just a couple of hours a day reading blogs, researching and blogging. When I’m not doing genie stuff, or housework, I spend time with my family.

I babysit my 4 year old grandson two or three mornings a week. I look forward to his company, and my two dogs do too. They are getting better at settling down when he comes, only a minute or two of chaos.

I like baking and I bake a couple of times a week. I’ve recently started to make my own pasta, I made some tortellinis and raviolis last week. It was made more difficult as my left wrist is in a cast from an accident two weeks ago skating with my grandkids’ on the neighbour’s pond. I hadn’t been on skates for over thirty years, but I used to just about live on skates when I was growing up, we skated from dawn ’til dark.

I am going to paint the livingroom as soon as I am able, and I’m spring cleaning as much as I can, cleaning closets, shelves, getting more organized.
I also like to sew, I have a sewing room that is way overdue for reorganization too.

I also like collecting and going to auctions. I have a variety of glassware, sewing, kitchenware, pottery, toy, china, bottle, collections and I’m fortunate to have a husband who is also a collector mostly sports collectibles, trading cards, his teams, books, keychains, banks, games and toys. We go to estate sales and auctions when we can and we go yard saling almost every Saturday in the season. I am starting an online store sometime this year so I can keep on going to auctions guiltfree. I was hoping to have it open for last Christmas but it is taking longer than I thought it would.

I also enjoy gardening and will be going out and tilling the soil in my vegetable garden and cleaning up my flower beds and water gardens as soon as it warms up. My wrist should be okay by then .I am starting seeds indoors next month, I have to get my seed order in this week.

I like fishing, I’ve been fishing all my life. We go camping for two weeks every summer in the Kawarthas during bass season.

We also have a full-size pool table in our basement and we shoot pool or play darts in the evenings. We have three tvs so there’s always one on. I like to watch Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth as well as history documenteries.

I like being creative and I watch craft shows and go to arts and crafts shows. I have a few projects on the go at any time, sewing, woodworking, painting, refinishing, reupholstering, etc. so I don’t get a chance to be bored. I am home most of the time, there’s no place I’d rather be, and I always have something going on.

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Surname Saturday – Bradt

I am gathering information about my husband’s ancestors and here’s what I have so far.

Myndert (Minor) Bradt was born in Albany, New York in 1758 and was baptized in 1760. His parents were Jan Brat and Sanje Zeger (John Bradt and Susan Seger)of Albany , New York.
Minor Bradt joined the Butler’s Rangers and settled in the Home District after the Revolutionary War. He married Catherine Van Alstine in Niagara and had several children.

One son, William Bradt, married Eizabeth Austin. The Bradt family is in the 1851 Canada West census for South Cayuga Twp., Haldimand Cty., William, 53 and Elizabeth Bradt, 47, children, Eleanor, 15, George, 12, Alexander, 10, Minor, 6, Robert, 3. (age next birthday).

In the 1861 census for Dunn Twp.,Haldimand Cty., William, age 61,Elizabeth, 57, David, 28, George, 20, Alex. 18, Minor, 14, Robert, 12.(age next birthday).

George Nelson Bradt from Haldimand County, Ontario, son of William and Elizabeth Austin Bradt, married Catherine Hoover, born in Ontario about 1849 .

In the 1881 census George and Catherine Bradt were in North Middlesex district with children Elizabeth E., Charles W., Samuel, Rosa M., Lucy A., twins Albert E. and Alfred E.

In the 1891 Kingsville , Essex County census George was a widower with children Charles, Samuel, Rosa, Lucy, Albert, Alfred, Maggie, Mary and George. Charles Phipps lived next door with wife, Emma Bradt Phipps (probably Elizabeth E. from 1881 census).

Since George Jr.was three years old, Catherine was still living in 1888.

In 1901 Pelee Island census George was living with sons Albert and Alfred.

In the 1911 census of Pelee Island, Charles Bradt and Alzina Lee Bradt were living with children William, Nellie, Vina, George, Charles, Milfred, Harold and Orlie G.

George Nelson Bradt died Sept. 16, 1921 on Pelee Island (son, George was informant, said John Bradt and Mary Austin were George Nelson Bradt’s parents) and is buried on the island.

Joseph, Ann and Naomi Bradt were born after the 1911 census.
Joseph Bradt never married and lived in Kingsville with spinster sister, Naomi for the last 25 years of hs life. Joseph died age 91 and Naomi died age 85.

Orlie Glen Bradt was my husband’s grandfather. Glen,as he was known, was married to Doris Scott and had seven children, all living. He died in 1965 in Leamington, Ontario. Doris Scott Bradt died about 1980 in Leamington, Ontario.

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It’s Nice To Belong…

It’s nice to belong to the ever-growing Geneablogging community and having great genea-friends to share experiences with and learn from.

I really enjoy being a part of the community and getting involved with the events and one of them is receiving awards and passing them on, it is a great way to bring the community together and get to know everyone.

Thank you to fellow Canadian geneablogger Joan Miller, author of the Luxegen Genealogy and Family History blog , for presenting my blog with the Happy 101 award, I’m glad you enjoy reading it.

By accepting the Happy 101 Award I have to share 10 things that make me happy so here’s my list, in no special order:

  1. Being a part of the geneablogging community.
  2. Playing with my pets.
  3. Sharing my research with others.
  4. Having family members interested in my research.
  5. Having nothing to do but blog and research.
  6. Going to auctions and flea markets.
  7. Creating, whether it be sewing, cooking, or woodworking. I like knowing that if I need something I can make it rather than going and buying it ready-made.
  8. Gardening, I like that there’s something new to see every day and that I am helping to feed my family. I even enjoy pulling weeds!
  9. Fshing off a boat with my husband.
  10. Spending time with family and friends.

Now, I want to spread some Happiness around, I’ll list 7 of the many blogs that I am happy to follow:

1. ScotGen

2. Relatively Curious About Genealogy

3. TwigTalk

4. The Dutch Rose

5. Our Twigs

6.Lessons From My Ancestors

7. Karen About Genealogy

I hope you will find these blogs interesting and add them to your reading list as well.

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Surname Saturday – Brat, Bradt

My husband is descended from the Albany family of Bradts, from Albert “the
Norman” Brat, his brother founded the Schenectady family. I started a new
database for my husband’s family. I’ve been gathering Dutch Reformed Church
records from Albany before the Rev. War. They spelled the surname Brat in the
records. I was looking for John Bradt who was married to Susan Seger, I found
him, Jan Brat, married to Zantje Zeger.

I found the baptismal records for their
son, Myndert (Minor) in 1760, born in 1758, married to Catherine Van Alstine, but didn’t
find any marriage records for him there, he must have been married in Upper
Canada ( my 2nd great-aunt was Catherine Haines, married Daniel Van Alstine,
maybe she widowed young and was the Catherine I’m looking for, wouldn’t that be
a hoot?). Not much hope of finding the record here, there were no churches here
(Ontario) until 1792. Maybe I can find a baptismal record from St. Mark’s Church
in Niagara for his children.

His son, William, married to Elizabeth Austin, born
in Albany, NY is who my husband descends from. Their son, George married
Catherine Hoover and moved to Pelee Island after her death, and he’s buried on the

Charles Bradt was born in Cayuga Twp., Haldimand county in 1881 and moved to Pelee Island with his father and brothers. He was married to Alzina Lee and resided on Pelee Island.

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Which Platform Is Better?

After the almost disaster that occurred this week with my Blogger blog, I was extremely happy that I had set up and imported my posts to this site last month. Now that I figured out that the problem was the Mozilla Firefox browser all along and not the Blogger platform, but there are still issues with IE8 not displaying the page at Blogger sometimes when refreshed. I am leaning more towards WordPress because of the browser issues, but I can’t decide which platform I like using, they both offer different features. I will let my readers decide which site they like better, WordPress or Blogger. You can go to my other Ancestral Notes site to vote for which one you prefer, the poll will be there for the month of January.

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Blogger VS WordPress

I have two Ancestral Notes sites, one for back-up. Both sites have unique features: Blogger has the Google Friend Connect feature and the HTML code boxes for widgets. The problem with Blogger is that it doesn’t work with Mozilla Firefox. After the update, the Firefox browser didn’t work right so I uninstalled it this morning and am currently on IE8.
I haven’t had any browser issues with WordPress and now that I have the tags and categories all straightened around, I am starting to create pages. The WordPress site is a lot cleaner, not as many widget boxes but I can make “sticky” posts with it. There are fewer templates to choose from than with Blogger with the free version. I chose a template that lets you “browse by topic” with all of the categories listed for a cleaner look.
Both sites have easy import/export features and posting by email.

There is a poll at the top of the homepage here, I will let my readers decide which site is easier to use and I’ll use the other for a backup site to import new posts to. Please visit both sites and vote on the one you prefer. I will have the poll on this blog until the end of the month and start using the chosen site in February.

Ancestral Notes on WordPress.

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Wordless Wednesday – Charles Bradt

In an earlier post, I identified this photo as Charles Phipps on Pelee Island, but the correct identity is Charles Bradt on Phipp’s farm on Pelee Island.

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Using My Back-up Site

I have decided to use my back-up site at WordPress until my Blogger site is working again. There seems to be a problem with the pop-up boxes, I can’t edit anything and I can’t insert any pictures into my posts. I did delete my holiday background by deleting the HTML widget using the Edit HTML in the Layout, but my Header banner image is still there, I can’t change it.

I have imported all of my posts to this site, but have a lot of work to do changing tags and categories. I haven’t decided on the template  am going to use yet, so next time it may be different.

I do like the Pages feature of WordPress and I might just use this site for my main site.

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Redundancy Is Good

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to have all of my eggs in one basket so I have a few different resources for backing up my blog. First of all, I just created a Springnote notebook just for my blog back-ups. I can add several different blogging platforms; Blogger,  WordPress,  Typepad,  Moveable Type or I can set it up manually:
I noticed that when I import a blog to Springnote from Blogger, only the latest posts are imported, so I have uploaded the back-up .xml file to my notebook too.

I also have Windows Live Writer that I use to create my posts offline and publish to several different platforms as well.

January update:

I tried for the last two days to change my Blogger blog back to it’s pre-holiday format, without much success. I don’t think the Blogger editing is working today, so I’m happy that I still have one back-up blog that works.

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Making Use of My Back-up Site

I have been having problems with my Blogger site, can’t add pictures, change layout, etc. so I am gong to be posting from my back-up site, until the problem is solved. I hope you will follow me there as well. I may even use it as my main site, I haven’t decided yet but I will keep you posted.

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