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GBWG 2010-AN Update- Just Two Days Left

It’s Friday and the games are going strong, but I am starting to slow down, running out of energy. I haven’t achieved some of the goals I set for myself yet, but I have exceeded my expectations in some categories.

I need more self-discipline, I suppose, I get sidetracked easily, specially when reading the newspaper archives, the history of our county and it’s people are fascinating and I learn something new every time I read them. If there was a category for reading newspaper archives I would have a Platinum!

Here’s my list of accomplishments so far:

1. Platinum
2. Gold,Platinum
3. Gold
4. Platinum
5. Platinum
6. Diamond

I am quite proud of how well I’m doing, considering my attention span, ;-).

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  1. You are doing very well! The GBWG seems like a great way to get organized and on a good research track early in the year. 🙂

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