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I Found It!

After all of the worry about not being able to see the front page of the newspaper that had my great-grandmother’s obituary on it, I went and downloaded the whole issue of the paper and there it was. And as I suspected, it had more conflicting information in it.

It states that the family came to Essex in 1883, but they were in Aldborough Twp., Elgin County in 1891 in the census. My grandfather was born there in the spring of 1893. They came to Essex County between March of 1893 and January of 1897 when their son, Fleming W. was born in Rochester. It states that she was born in Welland, in 1853, but the censuses state she was born in 1854 in the USA. At least I found out her cause of death was cancer.

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2 Responses

  1. Wow, more clues and more questions! At least this gives you more avenues to pursue. 🙂

  2. Blogger is acting up……That is a great find, Earline!

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