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Blogger VS WordPress

I would like to thank everyone who voted in my poll this past month. Blogger was the preferred platform by 64% so I will keep using my Blogger site and keep WordPress as a back-up site. I will be making regular back-ups for those who prefer WordPress.

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Blogger VS WordPress

I have two Ancestral Notes sites, one for back-up. Both sites have unique features: Blogger has the Google Friend Connect feature and the HTML code boxes for widgets. The problem with Blogger is that it doesn’t work with Mozilla Firefox. After the update, the Firefox browser didn’t work right so I uninstalled it this morning and am currently on IE8.
I haven’t had any browser issues with WordPress and now that I have the tags and categories all straightened around, I am starting to create pages. The WordPress site is a lot cleaner, not as many widget boxes but I can make “sticky” posts with it. There are fewer templates to choose from than with Blogger with the free version. I chose a template that lets you “browse by topic” with all of the categories listed for a cleaner look.
Both sites have easy import/export features and posting by email.

There is a poll at the top of the homepage here, I will let my readers decide which site is easier to use and I’ll use the other for a backup site to import new posts to. Please visit both sites and vote on the one you prefer. I will have the poll on this blog until the end of the month and start using the chosen site in February.

Ancestral Notes on WordPress.

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