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Canadian Genealogy Carnival – Canadian Fashion Fads

I don’t think there is much difference between Canadian and American fashions and fads, so I am going to share some of the fads when I was growing up. I wasn’t very much into fads, being from a fairly large family we didn’t go out to the mall every week, we went school shopping and maybe we would get a new outfit for Easter, mostly made by my mom, but if I wanted anything during the year, I had to sew it myself.

Fortunately, I could sew, so if I wanted a new outfit, my mom would take me to the fabric shop and I would chose my own patterns and fabrics. I made a few things that might be called “faddish”. I made myself a peasant dress when they were popular, I think I was in grade seven and a denim pant suit, the kind with a high waist and huge flared legs with cuffs and bomber jacket in ninth grade Home Economics.

My older brother’s friends had those pants that were popular in the seventies, the kind with the huge flared bell-bottoms with contrasting insets from the knee down. He wanted a pair but my parents wouldn’t buy him any, so he asked me if I could make him a pair. I just got a pair of his pants, ripped the seam up to the knee and sewed a contrasting fabric insert in the legs and he wore those pants all the time.

I also made a shirt for him, a green tie-died kind of pirate shirt with long full sleeves. That was the first time that I created anything from scratch, other than doll clothes. I did a good job, if I may say so myself, and he loved it. I was just in the eighth grade and his friends couldn’t believe that his shirt was home-made.

I was happy when chokers came into fashion, I could make as many as I wanted, a piece of velvet ribbon, a fancy button, maybe some lace and fasteners and I was done.

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January 2021