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Wordless Wednesday – My Irish Ancestors,The Stevensons

James Stevenson immigrated from County Armagh, Ireland with his wife, Elizabeth Cowan Stevenson and three daughters, Mary, Sarah and Elizabeth. I posted their 50th Wedding announcement earlier.

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Madness Monday – Evidence Unexplained

I have a mystery that I would like to solve, it is driving me mad! I am stumped! How could this be? My great-grandmother, Harriet Doan Hines, is my most recent brick wall. I thought that I knew who she was and how she fit in but the more I find out about her, the more I don’t know.

Here’s what I have about Harriet Fernetta Doan:

the evidence:

Harriet Doan was born in Dec. 1854 in Ohio, USA. (1911 census)
Harriet immigrated to Canada in 1855. (1911 census)
Harriet Doan was married to John Haines in Welland, Ontario.
Harriet Haines (Haynes) was living with her husband and four children in 1881.(census)
Harriet Haines was living and children in Aldborough Twp., Elgin Cty. in 1891. (census)
Harriet Hines was living with her husband and children in Rochester, Essex Cty. in 1901 (census)
Harriet was living in Gosfield North, Essex County in 1905-06.(children enrolled in Gosfield North school Sept./05, daughter’s obituary, Jan./06)
Harriet was living with her husband and children in Essex, Ontario in 1911. (census)
Harriet was living with her husband in the town of Essex in September, 1916. (news article about son’s death)
Harriet was living with her husband on Maidstone Ave., Essex in 1930. (son’s obituary)
Harriet was living on Maidstone Ave., Essex, in 1932. (husband’s obituary)
Harriet died Dec. 20, 1935 in Essex, Ontario. (death notice, gravestone)
Harriet Doan Hines was buried in Woodslee Jarriet Cemetery. (gravestone)

This is what is conflicting:

Harriet died Dec. 20, 1935 at the age of 82 years, 16 days. That would make her birth date Dec. 4, 1853. (death notice)
Harriet was born on Dec.4, 1857. (1901 Rochester, Essex North census)
Harriet (Haynes) was born in Ontario. (1881 Monck, Moulton & 1901 Rochester, Essex North census)
Allen Clark Doan was Harriet’s son’s uncle and was present shortly after his birth in Welland in 1881. (affidavit on delayed birth cert.).
Harriet was not in the Linus C. Doan family censuses in Welland in 1861 and 1871. (censuses)
Allen Clark Doan’s father’s obituary in 1904 in Essex doesn’t mention Harriet as daughter or sister, only mentions one living brother, Isaac, Jr.. (Linus C. Doan obituary)
F.W.Hines 1st attestation papers lists Allen Doan as cousin. (Allen C. Doan’s son, Allen C. born June 11, 1886?)
The Doan family book has Harriet listed as the daughter of Isaac and Polly Doan, Linus C. Doan’s sister.
Isaac Doan died in 1850. (1848 will, proved 1850)

I am planning on ordering Harriet’s marriage and death certificate and see if they will give me some answers or just raise more questions.

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Surname Saturday – Stevenson

I recently found an announcement in the newspaper archives about my 3rd great-grandfather, James Stevenson’s 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1913 and I was surprised at how much information it contained:

He was born in 1841 and his wife was born in 1843 in County Armagh, Ireland.
They were married on November 12, 1863 in County Armagh.
Their three oldest children were born in County Armagh .
The family immigrated to America in 1869 and the voyage took nine weeks and three days.
The family came to Maidstone Twp, Essex County, Ontario and have lived there since.
They had three sons and nine daughters.
They had fourty-six grandchildren, thirteen great-grandchildren.
They were both in good health.

Finding this article has given me more information on where and when to look for records. I had very little information about him before this, only that he was from Ireland and he had a daughter Mary who married Robert Queen.

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Follow Friday – FTM Fab 40

The geneabloggers have voted, the tallies have been counted and the best of the best have been chosen, Family TreeMagazine’s Fab Forty . If you haven’t already subscribed to these blogs, I highly reccommend that you add each and every one of them to your reader. There is a lot of great advice, stories and information about anything and everything “genealogy” in these blogs. I am following all of them and I hope you will too.

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Follow Friday – Canadian Roots @ The Beaver

I subscribed to “The Beaver, Canada’s History Magazine” yesterday and discovered this site:

Canadian Roots@The Beaver is a social network like Genealogywise, but specifically for Canadian family history researchers. The site was created in 2008 by Tanya Hutter of Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Anyone whose family is from Canada, lives in Canada, had ancestors who lived in or passed through Canada, had loyalist family members who came to Canada, or are interested in Canadian history will find this site useful.

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Follow Friday-

This blog site, www.Your Ancestors, has free resources for researching family history in England and Ireland.

“Welcome to”Your Ancestors Free. Com” The best resources for your family history.
Find here help for your family tree . What are the best free and the best paid sites. Where and how can you save money on your family history.’ ‘Your Ancestors Free .Com” covers mainly England and Northern Ireland at the moment. It has grown from ”English Ancestors” to include Australia.
I have included some of my own research, please leave a comment if something interests you.
If you have an interesting story to share , then leave a comment and we could publish your story.”

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Surname Saturday – Desbiens

I am searching for any of my grandmother’s sibling’s family. My grandmother, Josephine, was born in Essex County in 1897. Her family was from the Charlevoix Quebec area and came to Essex County, Ontario about 1890. John Desbiens and Celina Tremblay had a large family but I don’t know much about them other than what I have from obituaries. As far as I know, three of her oldest siblings were born in Quebec, the rest were born in Essex County.

John and Celina Tremblay Desbiens’ family:

Marie Louise, born 1884, died before 1891 census
Joseph, born 1885, married Aurize Laliberte in Belle River on Oct. 15, 1912, she died a year later during choldbirth
Emile,born 1890
Louis Thomas
Medard married Marie Girard in Bele River on Oct. 20, 1914
Eugene, born 1893
Delia, born 1893
Adelina Debrah
Josephine, born 1897, married Wm.E. Hines, Oct. 6,1917
Celina married Walter Randall in Belle River on Jan.16, 1912
John J.,born 1901
Eva, born 1905

If you are researching these families or have any information about them, please leave a message or contact me.

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Surname Saturday – Bradt

I am gathering information about my husband’s ancestors and here’s what I have so far.

Myndert (Minor) Bradt was born in Albany, New York in 1758 and was baptized in 1760. His parents were Jan Brat and Sanje Zeger (John Bradt and Susan Seger)of Albany , New York.
Minor Bradt joined the Butler’s Rangers and settled in the Home District after the Revolutionary War. He married Catherine Van Alstine in Niagara and had several children.

One son, William Bradt, married Eizabeth Austin. The Bradt family is in the 1851 Canada West census for South Cayuga Twp., Haldimand Cty., William, 53 and Elizabeth Bradt, 47, children, Eleanor, 15, George, 12, Alexander, 10, Minor, 6, Robert, 3. (age next birthday).

In the 1861 census for Dunn Twp.,Haldimand Cty., William, age 61,Elizabeth, 57, David, 28, George, 20, Alex. 18, Minor, 14, Robert, 12.(age next birthday).

George Nelson Bradt from Haldimand County, Ontario, son of William and Elizabeth Austin Bradt, married Catherine Hoover, born in Ontario about 1849 .

In the 1881 census George and Catherine Bradt were in North Middlesex district with children Elizabeth E., Charles W., Samuel, Rosa M., Lucy A., twins Albert E. and Alfred E.

In the 1891 Kingsville , Essex County census George was a widower with children Charles, Samuel, Rosa, Lucy, Albert, Alfred, Maggie, Mary and George. Charles Phipps lived next door with wife, Emma Bradt Phipps (probably Elizabeth E. from 1881 census).

Since George Jr.was three years old, Catherine was still living in 1888.

In 1901 Pelee Island census George was living with sons Albert and Alfred.

In the 1911 census of Pelee Island, Charles Bradt and Alzina Lee Bradt were living with children William, Nellie, Vina, George, Charles, Milfred, Harold and Orlie G.

George Nelson Bradt died Sept. 16, 1921 on Pelee Island (son, George was informant, said John Bradt and Mary Austin were George Nelson Bradt’s parents) and is buried on the island.

Joseph, Ann and Naomi Bradt were born after the 1911 census.
Joseph Bradt never married and lived in Kingsville with spinster sister, Naomi for the last 25 years of hs life. Joseph died age 91 and Naomi died age 85.

Orlie Glen Bradt was my husband’s grandfather. Glen,as he was known, was married to Doris Scott and had seven children, all living. He died in 1965 in Leamington, Ontario. Doris Scott Bradt died about 1980 in Leamington, Ontario.

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Surname Saturday – Brat, Bradt

My husband is descended from the Albany family of Bradts, from Albert “the
Norman” Brat, his brother founded the Schenectady family. I started a new
database for my husband’s family. I’ve been gathering Dutch Reformed Church
records from Albany before the Rev. War. They spelled the surname Brat in the
records. I was looking for John Bradt who was married to Susan Seger, I found
him, Jan Brat, married to Zantje Zeger.

I found the baptismal records for their
son, Myndert (Minor) in 1760, born in 1758, married to Catherine Van Alstine, but didn’t
find any marriage records for him there, he must have been married in Upper
Canada ( my 2nd great-aunt was Catherine Haines, married Daniel Van Alstine,
maybe she widowed young and was the Catherine I’m looking for, wouldn’t that be
a hoot?). Not much hope of finding the record here, there were no churches here
(Ontario) until 1792. Maybe I can find a baptismal record from St. Mark’s Church
in Niagara for his children.

His son, William, married to Elizabeth Austin, born
in Albany, NY is who my husband descends from. Their son, George married
Catherine Hoover and moved to Pelee Island after her death, and he’s buried on the

Charles Bradt was born in Cayuga Twp., Haldimand county in 1881 and moved to Pelee Island with his father and brothers. He was married to Alzina Lee and resided on Pelee Island.

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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Dear Genea-Santa…

From Randy at Genea-musings Hey, fellow geneaholics, it’s Saturday Night, and time for lots of Genealogy Fun! Your mission, should you decide to accept it (cue the Mission: Impossible music), is to write a nice letter to Genea-Santa Here are the directions:
1) Write a letter to Genea-Santa and ask for only ONE thing. It could be hardware, software, a missing family Bible, a record that you desperately want, etc.
2) Tell Genea-Santa what a good genea-girl or genea-boy you’ve been this past year and give examples.
3) Exhibit your posts on your own blog, in a Facebook post commenting on this note, or in a Comment to this blog post.
So – go forth and write your letter!

Dear Genea-Santa,

How are you doing, are you eating lots of Mrs. Claus’ cookies and getting fattened up for Christmas Eve? Are your elves keeping busy? How old are you and when is your birthday? When and where did you and Mrs. Claus get married? What is Mrs. Claus’ maiden name? Do you have any children?

I have been really good at keeping up my geneablog, and reading all of the other geneablogs too. I entered several Genealogy Carnivals as well. My blog was even nominated for Family Tree Magazine Top 40 genealogy blogs and I didn’t even nominate or vote for my own blog. I am trying my best to write daily posts for the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories and I submitted three recipes to the Geneabloggers Winter Cookbook.

I have been sharing my blog with my family and friends on Facebook and I created a blog just for my kids and grandkids about their ancestry, To My Descendants. I made some “I Remember” pages for my mom and dad on Facebook too.

I also joined the Bicentennial Branch of the UELAC this summer. I went to my first meeting but I didn’t go to the last one because I had been exposed to the H1N1 virus and wasn’t feeling good and didn’t want to make anyone sick there.

I was assistant organizer of my family reunion even though I had to have surgery a few weeks before, I helped out as much as possible.

I haven’t been doing such a good job at keeping my genealogy database up to date, but I will try harder next year.

I won’t ask for much this year, I don’t really need much, but I really would like to get my UEL certification, if it isn’t too much to ask. I have been researching my ancestors and I think I have everything I need, I just have to order some documents. I really really want to honour my Loyalist ancestors and make it easy for more of Nathaniel Haines’ descendants to get their certification if they want to. So please could you just bring me this one thing and I won’t ask for anything next year (unless I think of something during the year).

Yours truly, Earline

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