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Surname Saturday – O’Neil

I have decided to choose my mother’s paternal ancestors for this week’s surname. I have recently found a marriage notice for Charles O’Neil and Mary Queen, my great-grandparents, in the archives which has incorrect information concerning Charles parentage. I haven’t been able to find the marriage record for them.

Charles O’Neil’s father was not Alexander O’Neil, he was the oldest son of William James O’Neil and Rosetta Holden.

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Surname Saturday – Doan

I have been waiting patiently for Ancestry to update the death records so that I can find out who the parents of my paternal great-grandmother, Harriet Doan Hines were. I assumed that my maternal 2nd great grandfather, A.C.Doan, and she were siblings until I found the obituary for my 3rd great-grandfather, Linus Doan and Harriet wasn’t named as one of his children.

I made this assumption from information on my granduncle’s delayed birth certificate. Since both of his parents were deceased when he applied for his birth certificate in 1940, A.C.Doan signed an affidavit that he was his uncle. And then there is my other granduncle’s first WWI attestation papers that he put his cousin, Allen Doan as next of kin, was this A.C.Doan or his son.

So now the death records have been updated and I found my great-grandmother’s death record and I discovered another Doan family that I know nothing about, her parents were William and Rachael Doan who lived in Welland. I looked for the family in the 1861 census and found them in Welland, Ontario. I don’t know if these are the right people, but they were the only William and Rachael Doan in Ontario and they did have a daughter, Harriet. William was a tavern keeper in the town of Welland. Now the confusion, I looked in the 1871 census, William was still the tavern keeper but he had a different family. I don’t know what happened to Rachael and her family. I hope I can find out more information next month when I attend the Doan family reunion.

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Surname Saturday – Holden, Barr

Political unrest in America has had a profound effect on my family history, from my Loyalist ancestors who came to Upper Canada after the Revolutionary War to my American-born ancestors who crossed the border just prior to the American Civil War.

The Holden and Barr families came to the Sandwich area of Essex County, Ontario between 1860, where they appear in the Wayne County, Indiana census and March 4th, 1863, when my second great-grandmother, Rosetta Holden O’Neil was born in Sandwich, her older sister, Viola Holden O’Neil was born in Wayne County, Indiana in 1861. Their father, Thomas, was the second of eleven children and was married to Sarah Elizabeth Stonecipher in 1860, after the census, as he was still living at home when the census was taken in 1860.

Thomas’ parents were immigrants, James Holden was born in Bolton, England about 1804 and his wife, Elizabeth Barr, was born in Ayrshire, Scotland about 1815. They were in Indiana by 1837 when their oldest son was born. I don’t know if they were married before they immigrated or after they came to the U.S.


  • James Holden born in England about 1804.
  • Elizabeth Barr born in Ayrshire, Scotland about 1815.
  • James Holden married Elizabeth Barr in ? about 1836.
  • Thomas Holden was born in Richmond Indiana in 1839.
  • James Holden family in Wayne County, Indiana in 1840, 1850 and 1860 census.
  • Thomas Holden married Sarah Stonecipher in 1860.
  • First child, Viola, born in Wayne County, Indiana in 1861.
  • Second child, Rosetta, born in Sandwich, Essex County, Ontario in 1863.
  • Two more children, Frank and Albert, born in Sandwich, Essex County, Ontario.
  • Rosetta Holden married Wm. James O’Neil in Sandwich, Ontario.
  • Charles O’Neil born in 1881.
  • Charles O’Neil married Mary Queen, daughter of Robert Queen and Sarah Stevenson
  • Orville Neil was born Sept. 30, 1910.
  • Orville Neil married Ruby Fairbairn, daughter of Jessie Doan and Robert Fairbairn about 1930.
  • Marian Neil was born Nov.30, 1936.(my mother).
  • Marian Neil married Earl Hines in 1957.(my father)

Ancestral Notes by Earline Hines Bradt is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License.

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Surname Saturday – Stevenson

I recently found an announcement in the newspaper archives about my 3rd great-grandfather, James Stevenson’s 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1913 and I was surprised at how much information it contained:

He was born in 1841 and his wife was born in 1843 in County Armagh, Ireland.
They were married on November 12, 1863 in County Armagh.
Their three oldest children were born in County Armagh .
The family immigrated to America in 1869 and the voyage took nine weeks and three days.
The family came to Maidstone Twp, Essex County, Ontario and have lived there since.
They had three sons and nine daughters.
They had fourty-six grandchildren, thirteen great-grandchildren.
They were both in good health.

Finding this article has given me more information on where and when to look for records. I had very little information about him before this, only that he was from Ireland and he had a daughter Mary who married Robert Queen.

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Ancestral Notes by Earline Hines Bradt is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License.

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Surname Saturday – Desbiens

I am searching for any of my grandmother’s sibling’s family. My grandmother, Josephine, was born in Essex County in 1897. Her family was from the Charlevoix Quebec area and came to Essex County, Ontario about 1890. John Desbiens and Celina Tremblay had a large family but I don’t know much about them other than what I have from obituaries. As far as I know, three of her oldest siblings were born in Quebec, the rest were born in Essex County.

John and Celina Tremblay Desbiens’ family:

Marie Louise, born 1884, died before 1891 census
Joseph, born 1885, married Aurize Laliberte in Belle River on Oct. 15, 1912, she died a year later during choldbirth
Emile,born 1890
Louis Thomas
Medard married Marie Girard in Bele River on Oct. 20, 1914
Eugene, born 1893
Delia, born 1893
Adelina Debrah
Josephine, born 1897, married Wm.E. Hines, Oct. 6,1917
Celina married Walter Randall in Belle River on Jan.16, 1912
John J.,born 1901
Eva, born 1905

If you are researching these families or have any information about them, please leave a message or contact me.

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Surname Saturday – Bradt

I am gathering information about my husband’s ancestors and here’s what I have so far.

Myndert (Minor) Bradt was born in Albany, New York in 1758 and was baptized in 1760. His parents were Jan Brat and Sanje Zeger (John Bradt and Susan Seger)of Albany , New York.
Minor Bradt joined the Butler’s Rangers and settled in the Home District after the Revolutionary War. He married Catherine Van Alstine in Niagara and had several children.

One son, William Bradt, married Eizabeth Austin. The Bradt family is in the 1851 Canada West census for South Cayuga Twp., Haldimand Cty., William, 53 and Elizabeth Bradt, 47, children, Eleanor, 15, George, 12, Alexander, 10, Minor, 6, Robert, 3. (age next birthday).

In the 1861 census for Dunn Twp.,Haldimand Cty., William, age 61,Elizabeth, 57, David, 28, George, 20, Alex. 18, Minor, 14, Robert, 12.(age next birthday).

George Nelson Bradt from Haldimand County, Ontario, son of William and Elizabeth Austin Bradt, married Catherine Hoover, born in Ontario about 1849 .

In the 1881 census George and Catherine Bradt were in North Middlesex district with children Elizabeth E., Charles W., Samuel, Rosa M., Lucy A., twins Albert E. and Alfred E.

In the 1891 Kingsville , Essex County census George was a widower with children Charles, Samuel, Rosa, Lucy, Albert, Alfred, Maggie, Mary and George. Charles Phipps lived next door with wife, Emma Bradt Phipps (probably Elizabeth E. from 1881 census).

Since George Jr.was three years old, Catherine was still living in 1888.

In 1901 Pelee Island census George was living with sons Albert and Alfred.

In the 1911 census of Pelee Island, Charles Bradt and Alzina Lee Bradt were living with children William, Nellie, Vina, George, Charles, Milfred, Harold and Orlie G.

George Nelson Bradt died Sept. 16, 1921 on Pelee Island (son, George was informant, said John Bradt and Mary Austin were George Nelson Bradt’s parents) and is buried on the island.

Joseph, Ann and Naomi Bradt were born after the 1911 census.
Joseph Bradt never married and lived in Kingsville with spinster sister, Naomi for the last 25 years of hs life. Joseph died age 91 and Naomi died age 85.

Orlie Glen Bradt was my husband’s grandfather. Glen,as he was known, was married to Doris Scott and had seven children, all living. He died in 1965 in Leamington, Ontario. Doris Scott Bradt died about 1980 in Leamington, Ontario.

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Surname Saturday – Brat, Bradt

My husband is descended from the Albany family of Bradts, from Albert “the
Norman” Brat, his brother founded the Schenectady family. I started a new
database for my husband’s family. I’ve been gathering Dutch Reformed Church
records from Albany before the Rev. War. They spelled the surname Brat in the
records. I was looking for John Bradt who was married to Susan Seger, I found
him, Jan Brat, married to Zantje Zeger.

I found the baptismal records for their
son, Myndert (Minor) in 1760, born in 1758, married to Catherine Van Alstine, but didn’t
find any marriage records for him there, he must have been married in Upper
Canada ( my 2nd great-aunt was Catherine Haines, married Daniel Van Alstine,
maybe she widowed young and was the Catherine I’m looking for, wouldn’t that be
a hoot?). Not much hope of finding the record here, there were no churches here
(Ontario) until 1792. Maybe I can find a baptismal record from St. Mark’s Church
in Niagara for his children.

His son, William, married to Elizabeth Austin, born
in Albany, NY is who my husband descends from. Their son, George married
Catherine Hoover and moved to Pelee Island after her death, and he’s buried on the

Charles Bradt was born in Cayuga Twp., Haldimand county in 1881 and moved to Pelee Island with his father and brothers. He was married to Alzina Lee and resided on Pelee Island.

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Surname Saturday – Tremblay

I chose to explore the “Tremblay” surname today, my great-grandmother’s maiden name. I have posted about Pierre Tremblay and Ozanne Achon, who were my immigrant ancestors. Tremblay and it’s variations is the most common French-Canadian surname, put it into Google translate and it comes back with “Smith”, the most common name in North America! The difference between “Smith” and “Tremblay” is that Smith is a common name that a lot of different families share, with no blood relationship, there was a smith in every village and hamlet in Europe, it was a “nickname”. But people with the name of Tremblay, Trombley, Trimble and variations in North America, ” in their tree, although a common name, are all cousins, descendants of Pierre du Tremble, from La Rochelle, France.

My great-grandmother, Celinase Tremblay was the granddaughter of Pierre Tremblay Romain, the Seignieur of Eboullements, Quebec in the early 1800’s. She was born at Charlevois and was married to Jean Desbiens of Ste-Jerome parish. They migrated to Essex County in 1890, after the birth of their third child with Celina’s parents, Philias Tremblay and Marie-Louise Dallaire, Extended family made the journey as well, but her father died less than a year after arriving, 1n 1891.

Here is my great-grandmother’s family:

As you can see, she had a large family. I found a few newspaper clippings in the Essex Free Press Archives at OurOntario as well:

I have a lot of research yet to do on this family. I found a few records on the Seeking Michigan website for the families that moved across the river. I have to find time to enter all of the sources and images that I’ve discovered into my database, but there’s a lot of searching left to do.

Here is Celina Tremblay Desbien’s pedigree chart:

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Surname Saturday – Cameron

I have recently been exchanging information about the Cameron family in early Upper Canada with an elderly contact. She ran across one of my sites with information about Ann Cameron, who married Philip Haines . She is a descendant of Charles Cameron, Ann’s brother. She writes:

So far, it looks like a James Cameron, b 1757 was the father of Ann and William and I am presuming of Charles also. He was stationed at the Garrison in Quebec City. Originally he enlisted at New York in Sept 1777 and eventually in 1780 wet to Lower Scotland to recruit the regiment up to Establishment. from 1783 to 1787 they were in Ireland, and sailed for Quebec in 1787. There is a moot point where it looks like Charles was b while in Scotland or was a child b. just at the end of the revolution.

James show in Quebec register at the Anglican Cathedral, Quebec City as of the 26th of foots, as the father of William along with his wife, Mary. In 1800 his wife, Mary and dau. Ann sign the burial register of James.
Robertson’s Landmarks of Toronto shows Charles and family as being in Town of York. Later I found Mary married a John Berry in 1802. I believe this to be Mary, Charles’ mother. Charles married Sarah Houghton 1808 and Ann m Philip Haines. They attend each others weddings and baptisms of their children, also of friends and extended families.

Until I find other proof of a different father, I am settling for this James. They were both in the 26th of Foots, Charles enlisted as a boy of 7 in 1790. The names carry on in the family of William b 1797, so it bodes well for this choice.

If anyone has any information about this Cameron family or any connections to it, please contact me. The woman would like to find out more information as soon as possible, she’s 88 and wants to be able to leave her Cameron family genealogy for her descendants.

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Surname Saturday – Small, Smalle, Smalley

I have recently found another family that I am descended from, the Smalley family from Harwich, Massechusetts. I am just starting to research this family but I’ve heard the name when reading about Plymouth Colony. I haven’t gone that far back in my research as of yet, I’ve gone back to Edward Smalle and Mary Woodward, grandparents of Hannah Smalley who married Benjamin Doane on Jan. 29, 1795 in Harwich, MA.

What I have found about the Smalley family:

EDWARD SMALLE married MARY WOODMAN and had the following children:
i. JOHNATHON SMALLEY, born in 1690, married Damaris Winslow July 30, 1713. 

Damaris & Jonathan were the parents of five children: i. HANNAH SMALL, born 20 August 1715 in Harwich (Barnstable) Massachusetts. She married Israel Nickerson. Hannah & Israel were the parents of five children: (a) an unnamed daughter; (b) an unnamed son; (c) Israel Nickerson; (d) James Nickerson; and (e) Patience Nickerson. ii. PHEBE SMALLEY (985) iii. JONATHAN SMALLEY, born 26 May 1721. He married 2 March 1741/42, Hannah Weekes, who was born 21 September 1721 and died about 1803, daughter of George and Deborah (Wing) Weekes. Jonathan & Hannah were the parents of seven children: (a) Elijah Smalley; (b) David Smalley; (c) Jonathan Smalley, married Bethia Godfrey; (d) Phebe Smalley; (e) Enoch Smalley; (f) Elisha Smalley; and (g) Hannah Smalley. iv. LYDIA SMALL, born 6 August 1725 in Harwich. She married Ebenezer Broadbrooks. v. DAVID SMALL, born 1729.


ii. LT. ZACHARIAH SMALLEY, born 1698, died 24 April 1778 in Harwich (Barnstable) Massachusetts. He married (as his first wife) 31 March 1720 in Oyster River (Durham) New Hampshire, Jane Davis. Zachariah & Jane were the parents of three daughters: (a) Mary Smalley, married Oker/Oaker Phillips, five children, Lydia, Nathan, Stephen, Susannah and Smalley; (b) Bathsheba/Bashua Smalley, married first Ansel Nickerson, married second, Gowel Chase, married third, Joseph Sears; and (c) Abigail Small, married Lot Gage. Zachariah married (as his second wife and as her second husband) after 22 May 1742 in Harwich, Hannah (Hopkins) Paine, who was born 25 March 1700 in Eastham (Barnstable) Massachusetts, and died 24 October 1793 in Harwich, daughter of Joshua and Mary (Cole) Hopkins, and widow of Capt. Ebenezer Paine. Zachariah & Hannah were the parents of a daughter: (d) Jane Small, married John Long, six children, Zachariah/Zachery, Abigail/Abijah, Ebenezer, John, Sarah and Jane.

iii. BENJAMIN sMALLEY married 29 June 1726, Patience Baker, who was born 27 February 1708/09.Patience was a midwife. She died of a broken neck when she fell off her horse while on her way to assist in the delivery of a baby.

Benjamin & Patience were the parents of seven children: i. BENJAMIN SMALL. He married Bridget Eldridge. Benjamin & Bridget were the parents of ten children: (a) Dorcas Small, married Samuel Eldridge, two children, Samuel and Priscilla; (b) Sarah Smalley, married Ebenezer Eldridge, two sons, Ebenezer and Jacob; (c) Patience Small, married Uriah Nickerson, nine children, Joshua, Tabatha, Patience, Rosanna, Uriah, Malachi, Lurana, Israel and Ruth; (d) William Small, married Sally Doggat; (e) Benjamin Small, married Susanna Lovell, eight children, Denna/Denny, Thomas, Lovell, Benjamin, Lukey, Polly, Abner and Zebina; (f) James Small, married Anna Eldridge/Nickerson, thirteen children, Nathan, Polly, Anna, Bridget, Cynthia, James, Dorcas, Rua/Rebecca, Naomi, Samuel, Samuel, Diadama and Damaris; (g) Eli Small, married Elizabeth Rodgers, nine children, Betsey, Eldridge, Sarah, Eli, Moses, Aaron, Elizabeth, Eli and Polina; (h) Thomas Small, married Lydia Robbins, nine children, Mehetabel, Obed, Reliance, Lydia, Thomas, Nathaniel, Patience, Benjamin and Hannah; (i) Briget Small, married Jeremiah Ellis; and (j) Zebidu Small, married Mercy Eldridge. ii. EDWARD SMALL. He married 24 September 1761, Hannah Cole. Edward & Hannah were the parents of ten children: (a) Daniel Small, married Priscilla Clark, seven children, Paddock, Daniel, Prissilla, Josiah, Sophia, Nathan and Hannah; (b) Edward Small, married Lydia Phillips, eleven children, Nabby, Sally, Freeman, Arena, Anthony, Lydia, Orin, Melinda, Huldah, Patience and Edward; (c) Thankful Smalley, married Isaac Paine; (d) Abigail Small; (e) Isaiah Smalley, married Deborah Weekes; (f) Isaac Small; (g) Reuben Small, married first, Betsey Phillips, married second, Thankful Cahoon; (h) Hannah Small, married Benjamin Doane; (i) Patience Small, married (—) Seabat; and (j) Ezra Small, married Barbara Young. iii. JOHN SMALL. He married his second cousin, twice removed, Abigail Gage, daughter of [990] James and Mercy (Baker) Gage. iv. JOSEPH SMALL. He married 28 December 1765, Mercy Godfry. v. MARY SMALL. She married William Eldredge. Mary & William were the parents of a son: (a) Daniel Eldredge, married Edith Bassett. vi. PATIENCE SMALL. She married John Cahoon. vii. MERCY SMALL

According to DNA test results, Edward Smalle was not related to John Smalley of Plymouth Colony and Nauset, Massechusetts.

John D. Austin, FASG, Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Volume 6, Second Edition, Family Stephen Hopkins, (Plymouth, Massachusetts: General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1995), 32, 45, 126

“Freeman Compilation,” MS, c. 1875; Harwich, Massachusetts, 281


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