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I Missed My First Blogaversary!

I have been too busy to even notice that I have been blogging for a full year now, my blogaversary was yesterday and I missed it. I knew it was in February but I took my blogaversary icon off my site when I did my Christmas redecorating and forgot about it.

I started this blog a year ago because Sheri at Twig Talk and I belonged to the same genealogy group and she was always posting about blogging and how rewarding it was. Well, that group that we belonged to is now at another site and Sheri and another member, Norma, started their own group, Seeking Our Twigs. Since I was a regular, Sheri decided to make me a manager as well. So we three are managing a group of eleven members. We usually talk about the weather and other things going on in our lives, but we do brainstorming there as well. I follow the group in Google Reader, the same way that I follow the blogs. I don’t miss the larger group at all since I’ve left, it has been replaced by a much larger group, Geneabloggers, where every member has their own website. I don’t have to decide, I can be a big fish in a little pond as well as a little fish in a big pond!

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