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I Can’t Find Lany!

I am having a hard time finding any records for Lany Haines, my 2nd great-aunt. I have found that she was baptized at St. Mark’s Church in what is now Niagara-on-the-lake, but at the time it was Fort George.

My 2nd great-uncle, John Freisman, older brother of Sarah, was also baptized at Fort George. Is it a coincidence that his wife’s name was also Lany, or is this a case of siblings marrying siblings? I don’t think that Lany was a very common name and the population was sparse in Upper Canada so I am looking for any marriage and death records, probably in parish records at St. Mark’s Church. I will have to check next time I’m in the area.

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Mystery May Be Solvable

I have been contacted by a fourth cousin yesterday who may have solved the mystery of why my great-grandfather changed our surname. She was told by a family member that John Haines was being harassed by the telephone company because he had the same name as another man in the area who was being sued. She said that he had the name legally changed, so now I’m on a hunt for any records of the legal name change.

I couldn’t find any records to support the story about a legal name change, for any reason. If there was a legal name change it would have been recorded.

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Brick Walls – Lyddie ?, married to Nathaniel Haines

I have another brick wall to post, my 3rd great-grandmother, Lyddie or Lydia, married to Nathaniel Haines in Niagara, Upper Canada in 1786. The only info I have on her is that she was the daughter of a loyalist. That’s not much to go on, most single women in Niagara at that time were daughters of loyalists.

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My Brick Walls – Maria ? married to John Freisman

I am researching my great-grandmother’s family and I have an enormous brick wall as far as her mother, Marie, who was born in Quebec about 1780 . She married John Freisman and they had one child in Quebec before coming to Niagara. If the censuses are correct, John Freisman was born in England. I can’t find any records of their marriage in the Drouin Collection.

Their daughter, Elizabeth, was born about 1795 in Quebec (she said she was 50 in 1851 census of Niagara Twp. and her death record says her age was 97 in 1891) and I can’t seem to find any record of her baptism in the Drouin collection either. There is the baptism of John Freisman, son of John and Maria Freisman on Aug.16, 1807 at Fort George in Niagara. The Freisman family didn’t apply for a Loyalist grant when they came to Niagara, so I am thinking they came for the opportunity to own land. Their daughter, Sarah, married Benjamin Haines about 1836. Two of the children, Peter and Elizabeth, never married. John married and moved to Canboro Twp., Haldimand Cty.

From my research, I’ve learned that there was another Freisman family who immigrated from Holland in the later 19th century. I doubt that there is any connection to them.

Ben & Sarah Freisman Haines 1851 Niagara Twp.

Haines cont’d, Maria Freisman (widow) family, 1851

John Freisman family 1851 Haldimand Twp.
Sarah Freisman Haines census, Aldborough Twp., Elgin Cty. 1891

Sarah Freisman Haines death 1892

Holland-born Freisman census Niagara Twp. 1891

Elizabeth Freisman death 1891

Peter Freisman census 1891 Niagara Twp.

Peter Freisman death 1895

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