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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Super Bowl of Genealogy

It’s Saturday Night – time for some Genealogy Fun with Randy Seaver!!

So, your mission, if you decide to accept it (cue the Mission Impossible theme), is to:

1) Tell us about your dream game of the Super Bowl of Genealogy!

* Where would it be played?
* What teams would play?
* Who would be the head coaches?
* Who would be the stars of the game?
* Who would win?
* Who are the cheerleaders?
* If you were playing in the game, what would be your dream play?

2) Who do you think will win the NFL Super Bowl Colts-Saints game on Sunday? Your score prediction, please!

3) Post your thoughts on your own blog, on a Facebook comment or Note, or as a comment on this blog post.

My Superbowl would be played at Ellis Island and I would have the following teams: the Ancestry Factfinders vs the LDS Fanatics. Of course, the star of the Ancestry Factfinders would be Vital Stats and the star of the LDS Fanatics would be Census. Rootsmagic is coaching the Factfinders and PAF is the coach for the Fanatics. I believe that the Factfinders would dispell the Myths of the Fanatics with source citations and tackle the LDS Fanatics’ Census and whack it for all it’s worth.
Cheering on the Factfinders are all of the genealogists and family historians intersted in discovering the truth, and cheering on the Fanatics would be all of the Mormons trying to baptize as many people as possible. The Factfinders team would finally break down the Brickwall and make some connections with the Statue of Liberty play for a winning touchdown.

I think the Colts will beat the Saints 28:21.

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July 2020