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Madness Monday -The Tornado In My Backyard

I was up most of the night on Saturday watching the Doppler radar as the storm was raging across southern Michigan headed straight for the northern shore of Lake Erie. After the storm seemed to be weakening and the weather alerts were downgraded, about 1:20am, the station went back to regular programming and my husband went to bed and I stayed up watching tv.

After about an hour my dog, Angus, started whimpering and trembling and he was climbing all over me. Angus is an 80 lb. Lab mix who is scared of thunder, but there wasn’t any thunder, just rain, it wasn’t even windy. I’ve never seen him so upset and scared. Then the power went out and my husband’s scanner started going off upstairs and my husband got up and settled him down.

The first reports of storm damage started flooding in to the Emergency Services. There were numerous hydro poles sheared off and power lines down, broken gas mains and water mains, trees on houses, trees through houses, there was a clear path of destruction starting just east of Kingsville down County Road 20 below the ridge and into the south of Leamington and eastward to Hillman marsh. It was the worst tornado Leamington has seen in over fifty years. Having occurred in the middle of the night, it is a miracle that no one was injured. Several houses were destroyed by falling trees.

After all of the excitement, we went out into our backyard yesterday afternoon, not expecting anything unusual, we didn’t get much wind at all, and discovered that our birch tree had two branches twisted and broken half-way up the tree.

Nothing else was disturbed, not even any leaves or twigs in the yard or in the neighbourhood. My rose bushes in the front yard didn’t even lose a petal!

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July 2020