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I am just sitting here outside the tent with my coffee thinking about going fishing. I haven't done any researching this week, just waiting for the weekend to get back at it again.

We decided to go to the UEL cemetery renaming on Saturday afternoon, but we are going to stay in the area and visit Fort Erie afterward instead of going to St. Catherines to check out the Friends of the Loyalists Collection, we'll go in August instead, we'll have more time.

We are going to the Doan family reunion Sunday, I want to talk to the family historian and find out more about my great-grandmother's family and correct a few errors. First error I would like corrected will be that Harriet was not Polly and Isaac Doan's daughter, as it shows in the Doan Family book.

There was a transcription error, the will of Isaac Doan lists a daughter, Ha____(illegible) Fernetta and it was assumed that this was Harriet Fernetta. Since Isaac Doan's will was proved in 1850, a few years before Harriet Fernetta Doan's birth it is likely that it might be Hannah Fernetta named in the will. I also have Harriet's death record which states her parents were William and Rachel Doan. They may have come from Ohio, I can't wait to see what information there is about this family and their connection to the Isaac Doan family.

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Being Canadian

I was born in Canada, live in Canada and I imagine I will most likely die in Canada, and I wouldn't want it any other way. But being born here doesn't make me any more Canadian than anyone else that has chosen Canada as their future home.
Being Canadian, one of the youngest countries in the world, is the pride that can't be put into words, pride in our ancestors achievements and pride in our nation's acceptance of people from different cultural backgrounds since the vast majority of the population of this country was created by immigrants.
This is what seperates Canada from other couintries, our multiculturalism. Where the United States is a "melting pot" where individuals from different cultures are supposed to assimilate and become "American", we in Canada take pride in the celebration of people's different cultures, heritage and customs.

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GBWG 2010- Stonecipher Timeline

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Off Topic – Sheri’s Fall

We were informed by Sheri Bush’s daughter on our group, Seeking Our Twigs, that she had a bad fall on Monday night and broke her arm and ankle. She underwent surgery yesterday on her arm and her ankle is in a cast. She is hoping to be home from the hospital today but won’t be able to do any blogging for a while. Sheri is the author of Twig Talk and the Jackson County Journal . Here’s an update from her daughter:

Hello Again folks .
Just talked to mom a little while ago she called .
She’s doing and feeling much better .
She’s tired of jello .LOL she’s said I’m ready for REAL food .
But the pain is better and she is still on pain meds which have apparently
worked they’re charm .
The Physical Therapist should be in the in the morning to talk to mom and see
how she is as far as getting up and everything .
She’s eager to get moving instead of laying in the hospital bed.LOL
So she’s ready to pack up and come home .
We are still in shock over the fall and the why that’s a puzzle .
I’ve told her of the well wishes she has recieved so far .
She greatly appreciates it .
and keep ’em comming either via group or email I’ll be view both I’ll print it
all out and let her view .
She got a kick out of the name I gave my self
Secretary Shani .

Talk again soon with another update.
Secretary Daughter Shani

If anyone wants to, you can email her or leave a comment on her blog. Our prayers are with you Sheri, hoping for a quick recovery.

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