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Today’s genealogists and family historians have a great number of tools with which to work that were not available for previous generations. Thomas McEntee at Geneabloggers  decided to create a meme in which we share the tools that we use everyday to do what we do to inform beginners and experienced researchers about what tools are available. Well here’s my list of what technology I use to do  
What I Do:

* Hardware: HP Pavilion desktop with 250 GB hard drive with XP SP 2; Lenova Notebook with 160 GB hard drive with Windows 7.

* External storage: 160 GB Maxtor Mini ext.HD, 1 TB Iomega ext. HD

* Online storage: Skydrive (25 GB), Springnote (@ 2 GB), Dropbox (2 GB)

* Online Image Storage: Picassa, Flickr, Facebook, Picnik on Facebook

* Image Editors: Windows Live Photo Gallery, Picassa, Facebook, Picnik on Facebook

* Backup: 16 GB Sansa backup USB flash drive(backup program), 8 GB Rally USB flash drive (Rootsmagic-to-go), DVDs, 160 GB Maxtor Mini ext. HD

* Online Blog backup: WordPress, Springnote

* Offline Blogging: Windows Live Writer, email and SMS

* Online Backup: McAfee Online Backup

* Firewall: McAfee Internet Security

* Virus protection:
McAfee Antivirus

* Spyware: Windows Defender

* File cleaner:: McAfee Internet Security

* Printer: Lexmark 1400 wireless printer, HP Photosmart Essentioal 3.5 wireless PSC.

* Phone: Blackberry Curve

* Mobile media: Lenova Notebook, Blackberry Curve

* Music player: Ipod Nano

* Car audio: Kenwood

* eBook Reader: Adobe
Reader 9.1

* Browser: Mozilla Firefox

* Blog: Blogger, WordPress, Viviti

* RSS: Google Reader

* FTP: Filezilla

* Text editor: Notepad, Wordpad, Open Office, Office Live

* Graphics: Windows Live Photo Gallery, Picassa, Paint

* Screen capture: Win 7 Snipping tool

* Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Genealogywise, Google Buzz, Windows Live Messenger

* Office suite: Open Office

* E-mail: Google, Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail

* Calendar: Google Calendar, Reminderfox, Blackberry calendar

* PDF generator: Adobe Reader 9.1

* File Conversion: Paint, Irfranview,  

* Genealogy database: Rootsmagic 4, Rootsmagic-to-go

* Genealogy tools: Rootsmagic 4 tools (reports, charts, books etc.)

* Online Family Tree Sites:, Tribal Pages, Bravenet

* Other gadgets:

  • Win 7 Speech Recognition
  • Win 7 Magnifier
  • Win 7 Sticky Notes
  • Blackberry to-do lists
  • Blackberry memos
  • m.Google (Notebooks, Maps, Reader, Photos, Calendar etc.)
  • Tom Tom (for directions to cemeteries, libraries etc.)
  • digital cameras
  • WiseStamp 

I didn’t realise how many tools I use for my research until I created this list!

Ancestral Notes by Earline Hines Bradt is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License.

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July 2020