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Dec. 10th – Smile For The Camera #19- The Gift “What Do I Do With This???”

Heritage Village 296

That was the question my husband asked after opening his Christmas gift from me a couple of years ago. I couldn’t think of anything to get my husband for Christmas, I was trying to figure out something unique to give him that he could look at for years to come. What was it? It was an old tart tin that I had bought at a thrift store a few years earlier for $2. It wasn’t just any tart tray, it was a blue and white swirl enamelware tart tin, highly collectible and moderately valuable. Well, that seemed like a very unique gift, he said, but he didn’t think he’s get much use out of it. I explained that it was an antique and he could put it on eBay and use the profits from the sale to get a tattoo.

Heritage Village 297

He said, “well, I don’t think I’ll get enough to pay for a tattoo, but I’ll list it anyway”. He was pleasantly surprised when it sold for almost $200. Now he has a tattoo to remind him everyday of the very unusual gift.

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Treasure Chest Thursday-Dec. 3, 2009 – Christmas Ornaments

When I was living in Windsor with the boys 20 years ago, my mother and I started to crochet Victorian Christmas ornaments. We made dozens of dozens of them to fill orders. My boys wanted some so I made some for them, my sisters wanted some, my brother wanted some, and I gave some Christmas villages as gifts. I even made a tree-top angel without a pattern. I haven’t crocheted much lately, not since I made 12 dozen Victorian hearts for my wedding favours and filled them with Hershey’s Kisses. I have one of them hanging on my tree also, but I didn’t put any Hershey’s Kisses in this one.

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Dec 1 – More Christmas Tree Memories

My grandparents on my dad’s side, had an artificial tree, a silver one, that sat in the front window every year. My grandmother always hung blue ornaments on it and didn’t ever put any lights on it, instead, she had a light sitting on the floor in front of the tree that shone on the tree and rotated a colour wheel of red, green, blue and yellow that reflected off of the tree.

My sister had a Charlie Brown tree from the time she was married until the kids got taller than the tree. She had it for almost 20 years, and it was the family joke, we went to her place for our family gathering and when we took a picture in front of the tree, and it disappeared. Her kids finally talked her into getting a bigger tree a couple of years ago, but we still all laugh about the memories of that Charlie Brown tree, she probably still has it somewhere.

When my kids were growing up we always had real trees with only home-made decorations on them, tin foil and construction paper chains, popcorn strung, Chinese lanterns and bread dough ornaments that we painted and glittered. I never had a glass ornament on my tree until the boys were out on their own.

My youngest sister, three nieces and my two boys 1981

My husband and I went out a few years ago and chopped down a real tree. It didn’t look very big out on the farm and when it was cut, they wrapped it up and we took it home. We got it in the house and got it unwrapped and it was HUGE! My husband got out the saw and cut about 3 feet off the bottom so we could stand it up. It didn’t want to stand up straight so we had to tie it with rope to the window frame, and when we went to take it down, the tree wouldn’t fit out the door. My husband had to cut most of the branches off the bottom half to get it out the door, that’s the last time we had a real tree.

This post is my second Dec. 1st post for the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories at Geneabloggers.

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