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Dec. 10th – Smile For The Camera #19- The Gift “What Do I Do With This???”

Heritage Village 296

That was the question my husband asked after opening his Christmas gift from me a couple of years ago. I couldn’t think of anything to get my husband for Christmas, I was trying to figure out something unique to give him that he could look at for years to come. What was it? It was an old tart tin that I had bought at a thrift store a few years earlier for $2. It wasn’t just any tart tray, it was a blue and white swirl enamelware tart tin, highly collectible and moderately valuable. Well, that seemed like a very unique gift, he said, but he didn’t think he’s get much use out of it. I explained that it was an antique and he could put it on eBay and use the profits from the sale to get a tattoo.

Heritage Village 297

He said, “well, I don’t think I’ll get enough to pay for a tattoo, but I’ll list it anyway”. He was pleasantly surprised when it sold for almost $200. Now he has a tattoo to remind him everyday of the very unusual gift.

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December 2nd – Our Christmas Beast Feast

This is my post for the Dec. 2nd Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories at Geneabloggers. I thought I would try my hand at poetry, for a change, in the style of Dr. Seuss. The topic for today is Holiday Foods. Did your family or ancestors serve traditional dishes for the holidays? Was there one dish that was unusual?

Our Christmas Beast Feast

When we all gather for our Christmas feast,
on the menu, we always find some sort of beast.

What is it this year, a bear or a moose,
or jerky made out of dried duck or goose?

Perhaps, some venison, sausage or roast,
It’s entirely up to the whim of our host.

We will eat anything put on our plate,
any beast he could shoot, we willingly ate.

We were not fussy, didn’t care how it looked,
the only thing we asked was that it was cooked.

Our host is a hunter, a good one at that,
he stalks his prey with the stealth of a cat.

Ducks that once lived, by skilled hands are in flight,
frozen in time, to the hunter’s delight.

Alas, in the living-room, stands by the chair,
a well-deserved trophy, a full-grown black bear.

I wonder, what family feast it supplied?
I’ll bet it was great, whether roasted or fried.

What will it be this year, I can hardly wait
to see what sort of beast ends up on my plate.

I don’t really care what beast it may be,
As long as I share it with my family.

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