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Wordless Wednesday – Charles Bradt

In an earlier post, I identified this photo as Charles Phipps on Pelee Island, but the correct identity is Charles Bradt on Phipp’s farm on Pelee Island.

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Dec. 7, 2009 – Holiday Parties

For a quarter of a century we have been having family get-togethers at Christmas time. For the first decade or so we held our gatherings on Christmas Eve. We took turns hosting our gatherings, but in the past few years they were held at my sister’s house, because the family grew so much, her house was the only one that was large enough to hold them. As the family grew, we started having the party on the Sunday before Christmas, it was more convenient that way.

There is always tons of food, everyone brings something. Since my nephew has a lot of food allergies, the one rule about the meal was no peanuts. My sister bakes banana bread just for him every year. I usually bake and decorate tons of different kinds of cookies, I’m going to start this week baking for the party. We all have our specialties, fresh baked breads, pies, penne, aux gratin potatoes, and all kinds of side dishes, jellos, salads, cheese and vegetable platters, etc. The host supplies the meat, usually a ham and some other kinds of meats.

My sister sets up a table for the kids to make crafts,

and brings out the big box of Legos she has from when her kids were young,

The older boys are usually downstairs watching movies and playing games or out in the garage playing pinball.
I’m usually running around trying to get pictures of everybody. There is usually at least one new family member that I have to get pictures of. There are three new additions this year, two births and one marriage. If our family gets much bigger, we’ll have to rent a hall for our Christmas party.

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Dec. 6 – Santa Claus

Did you ever send a letter to Santa? Did you ever visit Santa and “make a list?” Do you still believe in Santa Claus?

I don’t remember ever sending a letter to Santa, letting him know whether I was bad or good in the past year and deserving of gifts, he already knew. And, if he already knew, then he must already know what I wanted or deserved for Christmas. I left letters for him in my stocking, not to ask for anything in particular, just a general letter saying that he could decide what to leave me so it would be a surprise.

After I was grown and had kids of my own, I was was surprised that I married into the Santa Claus family, my father-in-law was Santa Claus. Every year the kids would go to the Moose Lodge Christmas party and sit on Santa’s knee and were very surprised that Santa Claus knew their names, and knew what they were up to, he must be the real Santa Claus! They had no idea that they were sitting on their grandfather’s knee. He was Santa Claus there for years, maybe it was because he didn’t need a pillow, he was all real. Now, he isn’t doing very well, and my Christmas wish is for him to live long enough to see another Christmas, I don’t want my family to look back and remember Christmas of 2009 as the year that Santa died.

I have always equated Santa Claus with the Christmas spirit, of love and giving and sharing and family, so, yes, I do still believe in Santa Claus.

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Tombstone Tuesday – Christmastime at the Cemetery

We went to the cemetery on Sunday and put a blanket on Dad’s grave.

Earl Hines 1926-1996

I noticed dad’s headstone is sinking, I have to see about fixing it in the spring, unless the frost shifts it back to it’s proper place.

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I’m The One Holding The Camera!

I have been looking through my photos, getting ready to scan a lot of them, and I was reminiscing, as we all do when looking at family photos. I found all of the pictures I have of my mother, not very many, either she was on the other end of the camera or there was no camera available to take pictures.

I started looking at how many pictures I had of myself, not too many, and I decided that I would have to start letting other people take pictures so that my kids would have some photos to remember me by. I can’t use the excuse of not having any cameras around, I have a 35mm Minolta, two digital cameras and hubby has one on his phone, but I’m usually the one taking pictures. What I have to do from now on is either have a mirror in the picture that I’m taking, get my timing right so I can use the timer on the cameras or let someone else take some of the pictures.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has done this, whether you are the one behind the camera or you are camera-shy and don’t like your picture taken. Take stock of the pictures that you have of yourself, and see if you are satisfied with what you are leaving for future generations to remember you by. What do they collectively say about your life? Do they show a mosaic of who you are, what you enjoy doing, where you’ve traveled, the milestone events in your life, the humourous times? If you aren’t, then give the camera to someone else the next time you take it out, and “Smile”.

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Wordless Wednesday – On The Island

Charles Phipps, husband of Emma Bradt on his farm on Pelee Island.

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Smile For The Camera – All Creatures Great and Small

This is a picture of my brothers, sister and me with our collie, Bob. Dad used to always say that Bob was the smartest dog he ever saw. We didn`t need a dog door, he could open the screen door with his paw and let himself in and out of the house!

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