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Brick Walls – Lyddie ?, married to Nathaniel Haines

I have another brick wall to post, my 3rd great-grandmother, Lyddie or Lydia, married to Nathaniel Haines in Niagara, Upper Canada in 1786. The only info I have on her is that she was the daughter of a loyalist. That’s not much to go on, most single women in Niagara at that time were daughters of loyalists.

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  1. Dan says:

    Is this your person?

    Hainer, Lyddy (Haines)

    Upper Canada Land Petition of Lyddy Hainer [Lilly Hanes crossed out] dated at Niagara on 7 Dec 1796

    “Respectfully Sheweth—That your petitioner is Daughter to a Loyalist and had several Brothers in Colonel Butler’s late Corps of Rangers—and that your petitioner has never yet recd any Lands—prays your Honor will be pleased to grant her the allowance generally given to the children of Loyalists and your petitioner as in duty bound will ever pray.” Lyddy Hainer made her mark [Lilly Hanes crossed out]. Received at the Executive Council Office on 8 Dec 1796 and read in Council on 4 Feb 1797. Ordered 200 acres as the daughter of a Loyalist if not granted before. [Upper Canada Land Petitions LAC “H” Bundle 2, Petition Number 101]

    Certificate of John McNabb J. P. dated on 9 Dec 1796 attached to the Upper Canada Land Petition of Lyddy Hainer

    “I do hereby Certify that the bearer Nathl Hanes married to a Loyalists Daughter by whom he has two Children born before the year one thousand seven hundred and Eighty nine—Given under my hand this 9th day of Decr 1796 [Signed] John McNabb J. P. [Upper Canada Land Petitions LAC “H” Bundle 2, Petition Number 101a]

    • ejbradt says:

      Yes it is, I don’t know if Haines is her maiden name, I have researched UELs with that surname in records in New York pre-revolution war and can’t find anything for her being a Hainer. The information from her petition leads me to think that she was but I don’t have any sources that say so.

      Thanks for going out of your way to find this information and share it with me, I appreciate the assistance.
      Earline Bradt UE

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